This quality (though ugly) car was my trusty and fine handling S12 Silvia Turbo. A well thought out and designed car, the Silvia was a stunning performance bargain in it's day. It's specification being far beyond it's close priced competitors with rear wheel drive, independant rear suspension, optional Air Conditioning, 5 speed gearbox, power steering, spacious hatchback interior and excellent handling and comfort characteristics, put in good stead as a market leader
I bought mine purely by accident. I wanted a rear wheel drive fuel injected car with five gears and power steering, on a budget. If you look at what's available, that includes... er.. um....not much!
The Silvia slotted into the bill very nicely and reafirmed my faith in Nissan and Datsun. I found this one for a mere 60, requiring a rebuilt Turbo unit and a few tyres. After repairs, I kept the car for about 3 hard years and 2 track days. I finally parted company with it at 147,000 smoke and graunch-free happy miles, having covered about 25,000 miles myself
The CA18ET 1.8 4 cyl Turbo engine and 5 speed manual gearbox were removed for transplant into a future project and the Silvia bit back at every opertunity!

Poor girl! What did it do to deserve such an undignified, thankless ending
Bye mate!    *sob*
I towed it to the local Fire Station for the Fire crew to practice road rescues which means chopping it into several pieces..........
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