1982 Nissan F30 Leopard
It was about 1995 or so when I'd had enough of all the rubbish I'd been driving. A work colleague reccomeded the Nissan Leopard as the definitive budget gadget-classic. He knew I was a gadget-meister and when I discovered this one for sale, I knew I had found a really funky car! It was in reasonably good condition when I bought it from some guy in Worksop, north England.
It'd had paint, then got a damaged drivers door, which is why you can see a different shade. Other than that, seemed to be a loved car, choc-full of funny gadgets and design quirks! Power came from a 2800cc fuel injected straight 6 L28 coupled to a 3 speed auto gearbox. Disc brakes all round and PAS were nice too.
Gadget Time! The main attraction to this car was the gadgets. They included (remember this was 1982!) Air Conditioning, PAS, Disc brakes all round, Cruise Control, Travel Computer (inc Estimated time arrival, Programable to tune to any station any preset time, calculator and some more stuff!) Radio, Casette, TV tuner (for sound only) Half height Antenna switch, Stereo time delay switchable depending on number of occupants to position focus of sound (seriously! This is something that is  very expensive today!) Electric wing mirrors with Wipers, Self leveling rear suspension, Parking lights (seperate wiring to low Wattage bulbs in each corner!) Door handles which light up when lifted so you can see the lock. Electric windows, frameless doors, remote boot and fuel release. I'm sure there was some more. I'll get my thinking cap on!
The twist to the tale is that, according to the previous owner, this served as Octav Botnars limosine. He had it imported from Japan and had the front passengers seat removed for extra legroom! For those of you who don't know who this very important man is, Click Here to read all about him. He is no longer with us...
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