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Hello all random damned things and websurfers and fans and preverts!

The PMM is back. We've been back for months now.

We are leaner and better now. You can read about all the hullabulloo herein, but that's not the point. There is no point.


Per request by many of you out there, the website is being restored. So far, all of the Pagan and Occult articles have been fully restored and the Erisian Archives will be expanded as we lazy miscreants get around to posting more and more of them.

All of this site and its content will be moved to another location soon. Stay tuned. Send us an email if you wish to get on our contact list. Or simply google us later on. (Yeah, we have our own server now. Who would have thunk that one?)

Since the PMM is back, now can you sleep at night? Or will you email us endlessly as you all have been for the last several months. Latest news: we found many interesting things in the archives Irreverend Hugh gave us last year and we are going to post all of that. Anything less would be uncivilized.

Thank all of you who corresponded with us during the dark days when we were still reeling in shock from the You-Know-What. You will be duly rewarded. With what, we don't know, but we may pray to Eris, if that makes you happy.


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The Day I Joined the Mafia

The Purple Monkey called off the bus, “Hey Little Girl, come play here with us!”
They state they want to save the world, with magic and laughter, Chaos un-furled
Children of Eris, these beautiful three, offering wisdom completely Drug-Free
“Kallisti” on Golden Apple so fair, and I sent it spinning, with breath,
to Air Eris danced and spins on top of her tales, running round town in sealed veils

It will not matter if you do not believe, it will only be matter if you’re never lazy
Ring Chaotic laughter outside your big heart Don’t store it up tight, like in a cold part
You must upon the lid, let this Love flow, or Chaos will consume your Head and your Toe
So I run to the Magick, give it my Fire, to save this whole world, from my watery ire

So where does The Purple Monkey now lie, has the bus crashed, or is it singing my fire
Is he hiding deep down inside a cold box, or running around like a mad hatter fox
Is she just sitting now, loving all alone, dreaming about a crystal dome home

Only Magick can ever free up their path

No hurry now, Magick NEVER ends Last

by kali

Last site update: February 7th, 2009


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"It is my firm belief that it is a mistake to hold firm beliefs."

The PMM consider themselves to be Erisian co-conspirators with the Church of Eris, and many of our members, consider you/them/our/selves to be members of that dis-organization. In case anyone of you were wondering. We/you/they may have also been affiliated with POEE, whatever that is supposed to be. Some have even alleged that the cabal was a fully dysfunctional part of either the Discordian Society or the Erisian Movement. But, really, as a group we consider ourselves residents of both the human zoo and Eris' Playground.


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