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The Gloucester Wargames Club is a non-profit organisation for people who enjoy wargaming with miniatures. The club meets on Wednesday evenings from 7pm to 11pm at the Gala Club, Fairmile Gardens, Tewkesbury Road, Gloucester. EMail to check when we are meeting next.

Most weeks there will be a number of Ancient period games being played and one or more other multiplayer games being played from historical periods ranging from Medieval through to the present day, as well as Science Fiction and Fantasy games.

The Club is very informal, an enjoyable game being the most important thing. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your interest or experience.

A list of the current most popular periods and rule being used is below. If your interest isn't below don't worry there probably are members who share your interest.


There is a strong Ancients group within the club, all use the DBM set of rules. Normally as singles or doubles using 15mm figures although occasionally the old 25mm get dusted off.

American Civil War (Land)

Normally played as a multiplayer game using the 'Fire and Fury' set of rules in 15mm or 6mm scales.

American Civil War (Sea)

This is a great multiplayer game played using the 'Smoke on the Water' rules.

Napoleonic (Land)

Not currently being played that often but the 'Shako' rules are used with 15mm figures.

Napoleonic (Sea)

Something that we have only recently begun to play but is getting converts.

Second World War

Always a favourite, a number of different rule sets are used. All normally played as multiplayer games. Members have figures and vehicles for many different theatres and periods.

'Rapid Fire' is mainly played for Northern Europe c.1944 using 20mm scale.

'BattleFront' is a new set of rules played using either 20mm or 6mm figures and vehicles.

'At Close Quarters' is a set of skirmish rules normally played using 25mm figures.


We use the 'Buckle for your dust' rules using 20mm figures and vehicles.

Modern (Land)

'Modern Spearhead' are the rules used with 6mm figures and vehicles. Armies are for the 1980's and 90's, such as Russian, British, Israeli, Jordanian, and Dutch.

Modern (Naval)

'Shipwreck' are the rules used, normally making for a quick game.


These are normally played as large social multiplayer games for 'light relief'. Big Game Hunting is the current favourite but we also play Gangsters and Wild West.

Both 'Warhammer' and 'Dirtside II' are also played occasionally.

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