The Hathaway Family

My paternal grandmother was Anna Laura Hathaway Isaac. Her parents were Edward Harris Hathaway and Lucinda Eads Randle Hathaway. Edward was born in Lydney, Gloucestershire, England February 6, 1848. Lucinda was born May 21, 1847 in Madison County, Illinois. Edward and Lucinda were married October 11, 1881 in Montgomery County, Illinois.

My grandmother, Anna, was born February 9, 1889 in Montgomery County, Illinois. She died April 30, 1967 in Jefferson County, Illinois. My grandmother had one brother, Henry Seymour Hathaway, born June 16, 1885 in Montgomery County, Illinois and he died December 6, 1958 in Jefferson County, Illinois. He married Minnie Rives Morgan on April 8, 1946.

I am still researching my Hathaway family and will be updating this page frequently as I learn more about the Hathaway family in England.

Lydney, which has existed since Roman times, covers approximately 8 square miles of Gloucestershire between the Forest of Dean and the River Severn. The town itself stands on the Gloucester to Chepstow main A48 road and extends south-east down to Lydney Harbour, crossing the Gloucester to Cardiff railway line. This area contains the town's industrial estate. On the north, the parish extends to include Primrose Hill and Allaston and a portion of the Forest of Dean. To the west is Lydney Park, an estate with Roman ruins and beautiful gardens and the village of Aylburton, which although a separate parish, has always been closely associated with Lydney.

Lydney was the home of Sir William Wintour, Admiral of the Fleet of Queen Elizabeth I in 1588, and it was here at Lydney that many of the ships to oppose the Spanish Armada were built from the Forest of Dean's oak trees.

Lydney is a busy industrial centre with a wide range of business activities made possible by its easy access to several radiating motorways and the Severn Bridge. The Lydney Town Council are active in the provision and maintenance of the extensive Bathurst Park and Primrose Hill Recreation Grounds.

The town has a large variety of shops, the majority in the Newerne Street area, and has increased considerably residentially during the last few years. There is ample room for new industries, especially with the advent of the new bypass, opened in 1995, and an energetic and pioneering climate, (shown especially in the proliferation of small businesses), to nurture new ventures.

Lydney is very much alive and well - a bright centre to live and work in, with the bonus of being set in some of the most attractive and exhilarating countryside in Gloucestershire.

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The Forest of the Dean

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