The Page Family

Larry's paternal grandfather was Andrew Jackson Page. I am presently doing research on this branch of the family. Here is what I have so far.

Larry's grandparents:

Andrew Jackson Page
b. 11/24/1873, Jefferson County, Illinois
d. 8/9/1938, Jefferson County, Illinois

Sarah Edna Crider
b. 10/17/1889
d. 1966

Andrew's parents:

James E. Page
b. 2/16/1823, Franklin County, Illinois
d. ?

Maneca Harris
b. 7/10/1843
d. 1/21/1911

James' parents:

Joel Page
b. 1/25/1779, Virginia
d. 1833, Franklin County, Illinois

Rebecca Moore
b. 7/25/1785, Woodruff, Spartanburg, South Carolina
d. ?, Franklin County, Illinois

Joel's parents:

Robert Page
b. 1750, Goochland County, Virginia
d. 1817, Woodruff, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Rachel Brockman
b. About 1760, Orange, Virginia
d. 1827, Woodruff, Spartanburg, South Carolina

Robert's parents:

Exelheath, a/k/a Axolheath Page
b. About 1716, Goochland County, Virginia
d. July 1778, Goochland County, Virginia

? Christian
b. Before 1720, Goochland County, Virginia
d. ?, Goochland County, Virginia

Surname variations

Most common: Page

The surname Page appears to be occupational in origin and is believed to be associated with the English, meaning "a male servant of the lowest grade that attended to the wants and needs of a person of noble birth; an attendent or page".


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