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In Loving Memory
Glenna Lois (Rector) Isaac
Jan. 12, 1933 - May 3, 1990

Carl and Glenna

So very sadly missed by
Daughter Carla and Husband Larry,
And all those who knew and loved her.

I started to put roses on this page, and thought no, Mom's favorite flower was the carnation. Isn't it funny how you remember the smallest of things about your Mother?

The thing I miss the most about Mom, believe it or not, is going clothes shopping with her. We would go shopping together and all I would have to do is go to the dressing room. Mom would bring me clothes to try on. 9 times out of 10 she was right as to what would fit and look good on me. I miss that so much. I hate to go shopping by myself. It's not fun anymore. If Mom happened to bring me something that didn't look good or fit me, we would laugh and laugh about it.

Mom was the funniest person I ever knew. She was my Hero, and I miss her more than words can possibly say.

She died on May 3, 1990 after a long, extended illness with colon cancer.

I love you, Mom.

Your daughter,

Carla Jeanie Weanie

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

2 Cor. 4:18

When eyes of blind ones see again,
And ears of deaf ones hear again
When deserts blossom as the rose
And from parched ground fresh water flows
When lame ones leap just like the hart
When loved ones never have to part
Such blessed times you'll realize
If you keep your eyes on the prize

When tongues of mute ones speak again
When old ones will be young again
When earth will yield her rich increase
And all good things will never cease
When songs of children fill the air
When joy and peace are everywhere
Then, too, you'll see the dead arise
If you keep your eyes on the prize

When wolves and lambs will feed as one
When bears and calves bask in the sun
A mere young boy will lead them all
And they will heed his childish call
When tears belong to yesterday
When fears and pain have passed away
You'll see how God these things supplies
If you keep your eyes on the prize.

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