FINGLISH - a Farsi language using English alphabet


I am not sure but when I first intoduced FARGILISI, no body has the idea to use US keyboard for typing Farsi. After that university students start learning the language and its meaning. FARGILISI is FARSI + ENGILISI that means Farsi + English.

FINGLISH is FARSI + INGLISH means Farsi + English but what is the difference.
1. FINGLISH is not so accurate.
2. In finglish the lexicon of the Farsi language,[fa], is changed to [fa]+[en] means the union of [fa] and the lexicon of the English language, [en].

in both [fa] and [en] there are plenty lexemes that have several meanings. In the FINGLISH there some words that are in both English and Farsi(Inglished Farsi) Lexicon, as they may be two different lexemes. ......

ex. to: in [fa] means "you" but in [en] means "to"


b as b in book
d as d in door
f as f in father
g as g in girl
h as h in how
j as j in jack
k as c on code
l as l in lord
m as m in man
n as n in nose
p as p in pork
r as r in rock
s as s in salt
t as t in talk
v as v in volt
z as z in zero

a as o in on
e as i in iran
o as o in Opel
u as oo in loop


ch as ch in chop
sh as sh in shop
kh is a fricative glottal consonant. like kh use in khoda, kheyme, khayyam, ...

sample texts in finglish

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