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Welcome to my Web-Page...

The short history of this page... and how to use it...

This page was created thanks to Mike HELLERS, who inspired me (or should I say pushed me) to join the WWW-Team of the IST. As I had some HTML knowledge, I should be able to help keeping the IST-Web-pages up-to-date. But unfortunately , as I joined the team, the pages were very recently refreshed... So, at the beginning there wasn't much to do... And as I dared to tell him (Mike) about this fact, he asked (ordered) me to think of some new ideas, and as there is no better way to get some ideas than realizing personal web-pages... bla bla... After being removed from the IST-Server, the page went online again here on GEOCITIES on 03-JUN-98.

To put some fun in this stuff, my pages may contain some hidden links and effects... So, to get the best out of it just check this out.

This page went on-line the first time on: 05-NOV-1996. - Last update was done on: 10-NOV-07.

Some information about me...

My name is Fred Pütz.
My address can be found in the header.
I was born in 21-MAY-1975.
I work at the Administration de l'Enregistrement et de Domaines (V.A.T.) since february 2006.
Before I worked for 7 years at the P&T Luxembourg.
I have studied computer science at the IST in Luxembourg (3 years).
Former studies were absolved at the Lycée Hubert Clement in Esch/Alzette.

My three hobbies are Classic-Citroëns, scuba-diving and Carrera-Servo-140 slotcar racing.

My actuel Citroën-Collection includes:
Regarding scuba-diving, I am active member at the SARA Club (SubAquaRedange-Attert) since 1992.
I am a CMAS** and PADI Advanced OWD. My favorite exercise is APNEE-diving (no air).

Last but not least, my Carrera-Servo-140 configuration includes track-material for over 50 meters length and 12 cars
(2 "Hindernis-Wagen"). For Track-Planning I use the famous Slotman utility.

What else can I say about me... Well I am a semi-Trekky (Kirk's generation) and a Simpsons fan...

Misc Section

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Please help keeping this page up-to-date, and report all link-errors and already sold pieces.
Any comments and ideas are welcome.

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