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Introduction  from a radio broadcast, spoken by Dr. Henry Moore in 1931.

*"The Great Garden will be on the Canada to Canal Highway at a point on the International Boundary between Dunseith, North Dakota, [United States of America] and Boissevain, Manitoba, [Canada] and 60 miles south of Brandon [Manitoba, Canada].  The location is almost the exact center between the Atlantic and Pacific and but 30 miles north of the exact center of the North American continent ....

The highway extends from a point 200 miles north of the boundary to the Panama Canal and is to extend north to Churchill [Manitoba, Canada] and south to Cape Horn, [South America] upon this Main Street of the Americas, and will be the longest north and south highway in the world, will travel millions of people in the days to come.

On July 14, 1932, more than 50,000 people gathered to witness the dedication of the International Peace Garden"

Article 1  For The Planet, Incorporated, is chartered to promote, nurture, and support the maintenance of Peace Gardens and Parks worldwide.  We will endorse these areas based on the following:

     These areas will be educational by their very nature, and will welcome people from all over the planet.  There will be no charge to enter.  Donations will support a fund to start Gardens in other areas.  We will work to have the land donated by governments, groups, organizations and people from each nation.  For nations that are not physically connected, we will assist with Gardens located within each nation, connected with the dedication of peace between the nations and the people.

     The gardens will be organic, and will include gardening for food, to support future expansion and for the health of the people who work and live in the area.  This will also encourage growth of the idea and the gardens worldwide. 

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Article 2           For The Planet, Incorporated

     To keep this growing, We are supporting the next generation Peace Gardens... to generate, nurture and gather support from all nations for Holistic Organic Gardens and Parks for food and all the other natural growth that will bloom forth from these areas.  We will gather support from the scientific community*, environmentalists, peace promoters, organic gardeners*, and anyone who believes in a bright future for life on earth.  Truly life as we know it has not seen such a new beginning!  The whole idea is based on natural growth... all who love life and want it to grow as is its nature, will eventually be involved*.

     We must promote this in a 100% positive way!  To keep this idea pure, translations must be kept simple and avoid excess explanation... the people who will benefit from this most will gain what they are missing... a purpose that is truly forever for all people, and for healthy life.  When we wrap our minds around this, i know we will be working together and passing this on to all who understand the full implications: No more pollution, no more starvation, no more overpopulation, no more disease... REALLY.   "An ounce of prevention..."*  A metric ton of prevention! is worth more than all the cures.  Put them together, and we will see a wonderful future. 

     Truly a New Beginning... one that will grow and thrive as we see how nature can help us learn to work and play together.  To prevent problems, we will stay busy with the solution.  For Life Forever:  Peace Gardens and Parks worldwide.  To find the resources, end war, and realize what we can all do together for health, happiness, forever.

For The Planet, Incorporated charter members  (to be updated as endorsements are collected)

2004  For The Planet, Incorporated

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