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We will not be
"just another brick in the wall"....
Pink Floyd + peace initiative = truth
Click to enter the new world of LEARNING
Learning should not be a maze that some must struggle at ... while others jump over  :-(
get out and see the world!  People are being locked up, animals are disappearing, trees are burning, food is being poisoned
"Feed the babies
who don't have enough to eat
Shoe the children
with no shoes on their feet
House the people
livin in the street
O - oh there's a solution"

Fly Like an Eagle
Steve Miller Band
more the merrier  :-( not organic, but maybe soon???   :-)
Be original!  Do something NEW!
What do others think?  Don't worry!
You don't know what they think!
  Maybe they need something to think about!
Absorb Knowledge
Receive Understanding
Be Real
live, laugh, love, smile
Be Thankful !
for peace, health, happiness
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