Help celebrate Michelle Yeoh's birthday by giving a donation to The Brain Centre Foundation .  Click here or see below for more information . . .

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The Michelle Yeoh Web Theatre, Michelle Yeoh Collective, and YeohFanz
are pleased to announce that this August is

Michelle Yeoh Birthday Celebration Month!

A Special Birthday Gift For Michelle:

The Michelle Yeoh Web TheatreMichelle Yeoh Collective,  and YeohFanz are jointly organizing this celebration for Michelle's upcoming birthday (August 6th). As a special birthday gift for Michelle, we would like to suggest that us fans make donations to one of the charity organizations that Michelle regularly supports - the Brain Centre Foundation - under a special birthday gift account.

The Brain Centre Foundation (BCF) is the fully registered charity arm and non-profit organization of the Brain Centre at Canossa Hospital of Hong Kong. Michelle is its patron and she is very supportive of BCF events.

For more information or to make a donation, please click here!


Just a humble fan site dedicated to one of Asia, and the World's most talented actresses, Michelle Yeoh, star of Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Tomorrow Never Dies, Supercop, and many other films.  Let us hope her star continues to shine long into the future and that more people discover her wonderful work.

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