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A Quest To Remember- Mr Frost

News of the upcoming An Epic Quest has finally arrived! Two years into the making of this game and the Demo is finally on the way. But sadly enough the game is no where near finished but not to worry the demo will keep you busy. We only have one screen shot at this time and it only the title but give us afew days and we'll get afew more aswell as some comments from play testers.

We got a few new screen shots and we posted them up on both the news section and the game section so check them out !
Bobo Is Back- Mr Frost

The return of Bobo the Chicken & friends is finally on its way with all new weird & wild adventures. The release date is March 29 or earlyer. Check out this screen shot Poncho sent us . Sorry that its the only one but he didnt want to give anything away. For you new foaks The Adventures Of Bobo The Chicken was Frost Interactive's first game that made its debut July 1999 and surpisingly has meny faithfull fans for a very poorly made game. Anyhow please make sure to check back every so often for this great game it'll be worth it !
New Site Sections !- Twist of Times

There is a new review section. I'm gonna be working on a new review section that is up and coming. I will have reviews for a few games such as Castlevania Dark Millenium, Destiny's Call Complete (dcc) among many other favorites. Make sure to come back and visit when it's ready.
Heros Of Might & Magic 3 Map! - Mr Frost

Hello foaks i just wanted to repost my custom map for HOMM3 . Its the basic map for the upcomming An Epic Quest game! So for all those who have this game its a must download.

An Epic Quest - Heros Of Might and Magic 3 Map
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