List of Updates

What needs to be updated What will be done Current status
Character profiles 1) Edit all current ones.
2) Add profiles for second season characters, as well as the more minor characters.
Not started yet.
Battle Skills 1) Edit all current ones.
2) Add new pages for second season characters.
In progress.

Target for Next Week

Put up pages for Fuuko, Tokiya, Domon and Uruha Magic.
Raiha Shrine 1) Add more Proof of Love stuff.
2) Edit relationships.
3) Info about his Raijin. (To be done when I get volume 30)
4) Perhaps get rid of some unnecessary sections.
Not started yet.
Neon Shrine 1) Battle skills.
2) Add more stuff to Golden Heart. (Maybe change that HORRIBLE title. >_<)
3) Add manga scans to Mirage.
4) Edit Relationships.
5) Perhaps get rid of some unnecessary sections.
In progress
Fanfiction Add in more fanfiction. Not started yet.
Fanart Organize everything neatly. (Maybe use thumbnails?) Not started yet.
Layout Perhaps make a new one... it's pretty long overdue. ^_^;; Not started yet - no inspiration. >_<
Funstuff 1) Add more Uruha Trivia
2) Add more Pointless Inconsistencies.
3) Put up the LONG overdue Admirers page.
4) Update the Psychic Device Builder. (Organize it?)
5) Translate more interviews.
Not started yet.
Names Translate more names. Not started yet.
Webrings Update this page. (I probably got kicked off a lot of webrings. ^_^;;;;) Not started yet.
Anime Do episode summaries. (I've been promising them forever, but do I see any summaries? Noooooooo.) Not started yet.
Manga 1) Edit this page.
2) Edit Anzai Nobuyuki's page. (Translate more stuff?)
Not started yet.
Character Specials 1) Make a main page for this section.
2)Start work on Recca's, Yanagi's, Domon's, Kaoru's and maybe other characters' pages. (Only Fuuko's is up so far. ^_^;;;;;;;;;;)
Not started yet.
Links Edit links. Not started yet; shouldn't take too much time though.
Special Project ^_^ It's a secret! ^_^ In progress.

Stuff I should and most probably will get rid of: Ramblings page, Japanese vs. English page.

0_o *Looks at the huge list of updates needed and promptly faints*

Raging Fire
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