Moved the May and June updates to its own page today. Added two pieces of fanart by Jeanette. One member and one psychic device today. Will try to put up the bad guy's profiles and the admirer's page soon. (I think I'll never get around to doing the episode summaries, despite all my promises, so don't get your hopes up. Maybe I'll just do really short summaries instead.)

Edited a few battle skills pages. Since I did the Battle Skills and Character Profiles quite a while ago, before I got the manga, I'll be trying to edit them in the next update. However, don't expect any frequent and major updates; this second half of the year is going to be really hectic for me. I've counted that I'm going to be doing 4 after school activities, and two my own. -_-
3 members, 1 psychic device. I'll be moving the fanart and fanfic to separate pages soon, since I've got enough of each to split them up. Will try to get the promised character profiles and episode summaries (In point form, to save time) as soon as possible. Oh, BTW, hopefully I'll be getting volumes 19 and 20 soon, (Thank you so much, Natalie! *kisses your feet*) so expect a few more updates when I get them. Also added a new link to one of my friend's pages.
Finally, I've also updated my Pocket Bishonen Page. The idea for using tables to have the pictures on the left and the info from the right was taken from Aki_Hime. I'll be putting up the second page soon. (Please check it out, it took me quite a while to do, so I'm rather proud of it. ^_^ Do not that there MIGHT be spoilers there.)

I know it's been a while since I've updated my page, considering I used to update like once every two days at least, but like I said, this second half of the eyar is really hectic for me. So my goal from now on will be to update once every month or better yet, once every two weeks. I can't really guarantee doing it once a week, though. Ok. So I've got a new page up on Anzai Nobuyuki, and I've FINALLY got the bad guys profile up. (Not for Ura Uruha or the three idiots, though). A new original fanfic is up. chi_san has sent me quite a few fics, which I'll be htmlizing and putting up on (hopefully) the next update. I WILL get around to splitting the fanworks section into two, but not now.

Okay, new layout this time! I know it's rather plain, but I couldn't think of a better one. :( Okay, so besides that, I've finally split the fanworks page into two sections. 4 new members, 1 new psychic device. Also updated the links page; it was VERY outdated, since a lot of people keep moving. ^_^ Not much else done, since I've been busy making graphics and stuff to spiff up the page with. Hopefully, the page will look better at the next update...
A list of things I want to do (But will definitely not be finished by the next update, maybe only some of them) In-depth character profiles for the Hokage (Mostly only my own speculation), the Admirers page, adding stuff to my Neon and Raiha shrine (They are woefully incomplete), editing the current character profiles since I did them quite a while ago and they might have some inconsistencies, MAYBE a few episode summaries in point form. (I doubt I'll ever get round to doing so). I'm also hoping to get the FoR vcds on 8/8/2k, because I am in sore need of screencaps. ^_^

Don't say a word. I know I haven't updated in ages, or at least what seems like ages to me. Considering I used to update once every two days or so... *shakes head* Anyway, today's update isn't going to be very complete, since I'm not exactly done yet. But I felt guilty for not updating for so long, so I decided to do part of it. New layout for the shrines page entrance (NOT the shrines themselves), and added some "Please-read-before blah blah blah" stuff on the Create your own Psychic devices page. Please read it from now on before submitting any entries; it'll make my work a lot easier. I don't like my main page layout; in fact, I've got a new layout in mind, but it's still in the process of being constructed. Hopefully, it'll be up during the Spetember hoildays (2-10 September), since there are three tests coming up next week. (I don't really see why they call them the September holidays, considering the fact that we are supposed to use that free time to study) Have more additions to the Raiha Fanclub and Create your own psychic devices section. 8 for the previous, 10 for the latter. I will be doing some of the stuff I mentioned in my previous update, (read above to see what) but not in this one. Next next week, perhaps. And bad news, I didn't get my FoR vcds. ;( Though I did manage to get the FY (Fushigi Yuugi, for those of you who don't know) vcds... ^_^

Ok, today I've put up two new pages in the miscellaneous fun stuff section. Go there to find out what they are. I've also recently borrowed the FoR vcds for the fights between Uurha Oto (Sound) and Team Hokage, so I've got A LOT of screencaps. (Added some images to Neon, Aki and Miki's profiles and battle skills pages as a result) Miki's gallery is up, and maybe I'll be putting up Aki's tomorrow. And I've still got to do Neon's and the group gallery too. -_-
Anyway, I MIGHT be buying the FoR vcds this Thursday, as well as FoR manga volume 22 so I just MIGHT have new images. BTW, those who would like me to screencap any scene from FoR episodes 28-33, feel free to e-mail me, but please do it by September 10. I know I promised a new layout, but I've recently realized that the one I originally was planning wouldn't be very nice, so I changed. However, it's still not done yet. There's a possibility that it might take to long, so I'll put up a poll to ask people if they think it takes too long to load. (I use SCV cable, so it loads pretty quickly) If the answer is YES, then I might make two versions, a graphics rich and a graphics low version.

Aki's gallery up today. I know I said yesterday, but I've been sick since the beginning of the school holidays (What a bummer. -_-) and I wasn't feeling so hot yesterday. Correction, I WAS feeling hot - I had a fever. *Reader groans and throws an anvil* Okay, okay. I know that was a lousy joke. ^_^ Anyway, even though it might not seem like much of an update, believe me, it took me a VERY long time to get everything done. It should all be working by now. I promise to add more fanfics that people have sent me ages ago (Gomen! I know it's been forever, but I keep forgetting whenever I update! [Which isn't very often anyway]) on the next update. Ciao!

Got Chi_chan's fanfic up today, plus added my own FF8 one. You'll notice I'm updating every few days now; I'm trying to get most of my promised-ages-ago updates done now that it's the school holidays. ^_^ After that... eeks. Dreaded exams around the corner. *Shudders*

Very quick update today... just added stuff to the awards page, nothing more. Recently got my much awaited-for vcds (Yay!), so expect pictures with my future updates. (Most likely I'll be doing huge updates after 13/9/2k, since that's the last day of my exams)

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