Updates for May and June

Today's labour day, so I decided to update my page a little. ^_^ Joined 2 new webrings, so I split up the pages into 2 separate ones, since I've got so many webrings. I've also decided to write the current updates on this page until it becomes too "full", then I'll shift it to its own page. Added the new Pocket Bishonen thingy, (Lots of fun!) and updated the link slightly.

Very quick update: 3 new members, two new "psychic devices". 4/5/2k
Changed the front page a bit. How many of you prefer the old one? If I get enough people e-mailing me to tell me they hate it, then I'll change it back. ^_^

Actually, today's my mother's birthday, plus the first day of my exams. ^_^ Anyway, added a new ramble on RK.

Amazing. I actually managed to keep away from my page for 6 whole days! *gasps in surprise* Anyway, we've got a new member for the fanclub, plus I updated the links page a little. I know my page is really plain now, (No pictures, as someone said) but I'll try making some soon. I just want to get Adobe Photoshop first, ok? Hopefully, that won't be too far off, so that I'll be able to spiff up this page of mine. ^_^ And I realy will try to type out all the episode summaries. Just give me some time, ok? (I'm going to go nuts after the exams are over. :D)
Thanks to my wonderful sister, I've managed to find my FoR volumes 4, 12 and 14, so I'll be scanning some stuff in. (I really need to update my Raiha and Neon shrines, especially the latter.) Unfortunately, I STILL can't find 8, which is really annoying, since that's the volume where Neon shows up the most. *Grumble grumble* Anyway, once our exams are over tomorrow, I'll be going out with some friends to buy some comics, so be on the look out for future updates!

Ok, I'm back from my outing with my friends, and I've now got volumes 16-17! *cheers* Being the weird person I am, I decided to read 17 first after just flipping through 16 to look at the pictures. ^_^ I'll be reading the other volumes over the next few days, so just look out for more updates! Oh, by the way, Golden Heart in the Neon shrine is up, and I plan to put summaries with pictures soon.

I know, I know... the character profiles for Uruha Magic and Kuu are way over due... I'll get around to it eventually, I hope. ^_^ Edited Flame Dragons page slightly, added new people to the Uruha and Bad Guys section (No profiles yet). I've now got Photoshop 5.0, so I'll probably be making some graphics to spiff up the page. Unfortunately, I'm not very artistic, so the layout'll probably suck. Also edited the awards section and referees' profiles slightly.

Added a new section to the Fun Stuff page; it's called Pointless Inconsistencies. New "psychic device" submitted by Manji. Put up a few graphics in the Names and Their Meanings, Fanworks, Battle Skills and Anime sections. (Adobe Photoshop, I love you. ^_^)

New "Psychic Device" in the Miscellaneous Fun Stuff Section, and THMLized the first 2 chapters of "The Whimisical Adventures of My Tutor and Me", as well as a third chapter. It's recently been suggested to me that I should set up a FoR RPG, but I don't have the time to do it (Yes, even though you see me updating almost everyday. :p I have time to add little things every update, but not enough to do huge chunks), plus the fact that I'm not entirely sure about how a FoR RPG would work. *sheepish grin* (I've seen some of them before, but I wouldn't know how to set it up and stuff) Sorry! Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.

This is actually going to be more of a list of upcoming updates than an actual update. But first things first... I edited the manga page slightly, as well as the following character profiles: Yanagi's, Tokiya's, Kagerou's, Uruha Illusion, Kaoru's and Recca's.
Okay, so here's what to expect. (Maybe not soon, but definitely somewhere in the future) First off, I've got some requests for scans of the Adamantium Blade's sixth form, and of Kokuu. Look out for those, and maybe I'll try to get some of Resshin. (But he hasn't shown his power yet, at least not up to book 18)
I'll try to get the rest of the character profiles up (Not Ura Uruha's yet, though, might take a while more. Depends on my mood. ;D), as well as more episode summaries. (Did I ever tell you it's a pain in the neck to write? Especially since mine aren't really summaries, but practically scripts?) I'll also be trying to think of a better layout and add more graphics, but that might take a while, since I'm joining this webpage designing competition for school.

(Those who haven't read my guestbook can skip to the next part) *sigh* I just don't get it. Don't people READ around here? I HAVE put up Raiha's profile; I put it up a long time ago. Go check under the "Those in any Uruha Group" section, for goodness sakes. What do you mean it's no excuse? It's not like I've commited murder or some kind of horrible deed if I didn't put the profile up, and anyway, I already DID put it up. If what the person who signed my guestbook meant was that he isn't on the battle skills page, it's because we haven't SEEN him battle, ok? I've already stated that on his character profile. Not to be rude, but I REALLY don't like being told off for something I didn't do, and in that manner too. *Blows a wisp of hair off her face* If that person didn't mean to sound rude, then I'm sorry for making such a big fuss out of this, but I almost freaked out because I thought I forgot something as important as Raiha's character profile, considering that I actually have a SHRINE for him. Blame it on the stress that statement gave me.
Ok, sorry for babbling. Right. On to the updates. Three new members, two new psychic devices. I WILL be putting Uruha Magic's profile up sometime soon, most probably by the end of this week, but tomorrow if I'm lucky. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze out a few more fics during the June hols, and the scans of Kokuu and the Kougon Anki's sixth form might be a little late in coming since I'm in the process of moving house and some of my books have been packed away. I WILL try to make as many episode summaries (More like descriptions, if you ask me), but since this is tedious work, PLUS the fact that I've missed a few episodes so I couldn't jot down notes will probably delay them for a while. Since someone requested for it, I'll TRY to give a bit more info on the second season of FoR, but considering I have only 2 books after the first season... *Wry smile* Yeah, so basically I'll be working as much as I can on this page during the hols since I'll be free. (Duh)

Moved the psychic devices to their own page, and added a few new fanfics in the fanworks section.Finally, finally, FINALLY did Uruha Magic's profile, if you think Magensha's is too abrupt, feel free to tell me.

Mini update today. Edited Uruha Magic's profile to make it look nicer, and fixed the link to "The Authors Revisited" in the fanworks section. Also edited the Inconsistencies and Jap vs English names sections. Terrible me, I've been putting off doing the rest of the character profiles and episode summaries. ^_^

Apologies to those of you who tried going to my Raiha shrine yesterday and saw it looking like a mess. I was editing it halfway when my baka computer crashed on me. *kicks the computer* Okay, today's a huge update (Not really huge, but huge compared to what I usually do. ^_^), image-wise, but not information-wise. Changed the layouts for my raiha and Neon shrine (Ironic, isn't it, that I have yet to think of a suitable one for my main page. >_<) Added some pics to a few character profiles - Yoko, Mokuren, Menou, Enma, Mikoto, Nemi, Kokuu, Miki, Aki and Neon (I split the three sisters pages into 2 pages - 1 for Neon and 1 for Aki and Miki. Same goes for their battle skills page.)

A rather small update today. 3 new members, 4 new psychic devices. Added a few new links. I promise to try to get the character profiles and a few episode summaries up soon, but with a procrastinator like me, soon can mean never. ^_^ Edited the award and anime pages slightly; also added the Aki and Miki page in my Neon shrine, but there's nothing much at the moment. There are only links leading to their character profiles and their battle skills and nothing else. I'll probably be adding some fanfics tomorrow, so watch out for them. Also edited Uruha Scarlet's battle skills page, since I've finally watched the episodes I've missed.

Three new fanfics up today (I know I promised to upload them on the 6th, but I was busy. *shrugs*), plus a really beautiful fanart by Olivia. I'm not kidding, you really should take a look. It is SO good. *sigh* Why can't I draw like that? Anyway, we've got a new member, and two new psychic devices. I KNOW I've been promising to finish up the character profiles and add a few new episode summaries, but I've been procrastinating. Bad girl. Anyway, I've decided to do the episode summaries from the last episode to the front, since there are already so many episode summaries for the first few ones. I really will try to get some up, but I've been promising this for long and yet nothing happens. *sigh* Oh, I also wrote two more rambles.

Sorry for taking a while to update, everyone. I've just recently moved house, and there were some complications with the computer, so it took a while before I could update. Okay, so I've got Warrior Team Kuu's profile up, plus two pieces of lovely fanart by my friend Jeanette. One new psychic device, and two new members. I'm currently in the process of doing the bad guys profile, and my episode summaries are going nowhere. I've just realized that a lot of my notes don't make sense, so if you find my descriptions in them to be wrong or just plain weird in the future, you'll know why. ^_^ Other than all these, I have two more pages I want to upload to the miscellaneous section, but I won't say what they are yet. They're not exactly done yet, but they will be soon.

Really tiny update today. (I promise to update more often, but right now I'm currently busy, so you'll have to wait awhile.) Edited both the Neon Neurotic and Webrings pages.

ChuangYi is releasing volumes 19 and 20 on 4th July! Yay! (I might have to wait a while before I get them, though. :( ) Also, added a new page to the Miscellaneous section - Uruha Trivia - and also a new fanfic. Will add some more fanart drawn by my friend soon. There are also 7 new members and 2 new psychic devices. Oh, BTW, does my guestbook seem to be malfunctioning to you? I can't seem to acess it...

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