Updates for March and April

Righty-o! I've "pulled down" the Saicho and Kaoru shrines, and added another ramble.

Made a second page for the updates, since the first was overflowing. I seem to have a lot of updates, probably because I am more of a "Update-daily-but-very-little-information" than a "Update-once-a-month-an-have-a-ton-of-info" person. :p
Separated the character profiles into 4 different sections, plus added buttons in the "Team Hokage" page for Recca, Tokiya, Fuuko, Yanagi and Domon. I don't have one for Kaoru yet because I can't seem to find a nice enough pic to make one. (Kaoru seems to be the one hokage member who gets left out the most [Probably 'coz he's the youngest and shortest]). I'll try to make one soon. Oha, and speaking of Kaoru, I'm now a member of the Kaoru Koganei Fanclub. The certificate is up in the awards section.
Also edited the "Names and their Meanings" and Manga page slightly, as well as added "The Musician's Relationships" and "You Know You Love Neon Too Much When..." to the Neon shrine. BTW, I STILL, haven't thought of a suitable name for it yet. *sigh*

Hm... edited a few pages... fixed some errors... added in some info here and there. The changes aren't so great that I have to report them. Also added Shigeo Hanabishi's profile. It's under the "Miscellanous Friends" section. No picture for him yet, though.

Added 2 pieces of fanfic; two chapters by Katherin Reyes, and a really short piece by me which makes no sense at all. I know, I know, I have to work on my shrines. Anyway, it's school holidays now, and hopefull I'll have more time to update, but I'm booged down with holiday homework at the moment. I'll try to update as much as possible, but no guarantees.

Finally, finally, FINALLY got the anime page up. I hope to be able to do some episode summaries soon, but they'll probably be inaccurate because they're not showing FoR here anymore. What a pity. *sighs* Anyway, I DO have the script for one episode, the one called "Unexploded Iron Fist! Domon's Last Resort!" and I'll type it out soon and post it up. (I am NEVER going to try getting the script of ANY show ever again. Goodness knows how many times I rewound, paused, then rewound the tape again! -_-)

17/3/2k (later)
Added the summary of episode 19 and spiffed up the front page slightly. I plan to make it look better when I have more time. (I'm still trying to decide between two different layouts) Also included more words in the "Japanese Vs. English section.

Added my Fuuko Fanclub membership "plaque". Also added some more info in the battle skills pages. (Too lazy to list out all the names of those pages) Also wrote some interesting facts in most of the characters' profiles. Put up the "Why He's Cool" section of the Raiha shrine, even though there aren't that many reasons up yet.

Added my new fic "Reflections". Will HTMLize it when I have the time.

Didn't really do anything major today. Just edited the "Japanese Vs. English" page and the rest of the character profiles to add the "Interesting facts part". Also added another ramble, this time on FoR. (Surprising, considering the fact that it's the ONLY FoR related one out of the 3.) I know, I know, I have to add even MORE character pages. (Darn. That's one of the drawbacks of having so many characters in FoR.) I don't have that much time nowadays, though. I'll try my best.

Joined a new webring. (What can I say? I'm "kiasu" [Afraid to die, so to speak. A singlish term].) Also edited the manga page and fanworks page (HTMLized "Reflections"). Added a few more links. Didn't really do much else.

Put up the logo for the Kurei fanclub, and edited the character pages a bit. (Nothing majorly important) Also added an "upcoming fics by me" idea on the fanworks page. Got Kaoru's button up.

Got up all of Uruha Illusion's proifles, as well as Kurei's, which is no mean feat, I can tell ya!

Not much of an update, what with school and everything. No FoR related stuff; just put up a new ramble on the upcoming anime series showing on AXN.

Added a page for the referees, but no profiles up yet. (I'm really, really busy. Sorry.) Don't worry, I promise not to make them a rip-off of the profiles at Bottou-chan's site. I'll use my own words to describe them. Also added Katherine's fanart. Simply beautiful. You should go see it.

Added the Miscellaneous fun stuff page. I'm going out to buy some manga with my friends tomorrow. Hopefully I'll be able to find volume 14, since I'll be able to update some more. (Yeah, yeah. The characters' pages. I know.)

Added the Referees' page. Bought Manga 14, so hopefully I'll be adding more info.

Added Uruha Sound's profiles and other miscellaneous friends profiles as well. Added Genjuro fic too. (I know it's rather short.) I think I can't write long fics, since I'll lose interest in them. (For proof, just look at my pathetic attempt for the "Diary Entries of Fuuko and Raiha" fic. Bleagh. Only one really short page! Sheesh.)

I've set up the Raiha Fanclub! You can follow the link on the front page to get there, or go to my Raiha shrine first. Updated the Uruha Scarlet Battle Skills page, and I've just adopted Neon! You can see my certificate over at the awards section. Added Ganko's and Kagerou's buttons. Also wrote a new ramble.

We have a new member for the Raiha fanclub!

Another member joined... Fuuko no Miko of the FANTASTIC Fuuko shrine! Also added the three idiots page in the battle skills section. Edited the manga page a bit.

Kamiya Shuusai joined the Raiha Fanclub. Fixed the form for the psychic device maker. If it doesn't work, feel free to e-mail me.

New member... Hotaru. Added one measly graphic to the battle skills page.

Updated fanworks page and added new stuff to "You know you love Raiha too much when..." Also have something to put on the fun stuff page.

This isn't really an update; just a note to say that since AXN is showing FoR again, I MIGHT make a few more episode summarries. Note the MIGHT. Anyway, I've edited Tsukino's profile and added half of episode 1, which will be finished tomorrow.

Whoo-hoo! I've got a new award! Thanks so much to Bluhdy Elephant! New member... Angie-chan. Finished episode one's summary... Can't put up number 2 yet because I have incredibly bad luck. I missed the beginning of it again! Wah... ;(

Edited the names page a bit, as well as the fanworks page. Will add summary of episode 3 when I can, but I've (again) missed one ep, number 4. (I have the LOUSIEST luck) I've watched it before, though, so I MIGHT make a summary. We'll see. Also put up the summary with pictures for Proof of Love from Manga 13 in my Raiha shrine.

Exams coming up... might not have much time to update soon. Updated fanworks page. (No new fics, just some ideas for upcoming fics) Will try to get episode summary 3 up soon.

Two new members to the fanclub... Pallas Athena and Ashley. Also another new thing to add to the "Creat your own Psychic Device" section.

3 new members... Himura Rei, Information Specialist and Teri. Not much time to update nowadays... exams 'round the corner. Don't expect any major updates.

Two new members... Hyper Slasher and Valkyriechan. Moved the list of members to a new page.

Two new members... BabySilve and Gelo Mikagami. Updated fanworks page. Recently got manga 15, so I might be adding new scans and info after the exams. (They end around 12/13 April)

I really should be studying... *sigh*. New member: Sydney Del Prado (I think). Edited Uruha Scarlet's battle skills page slightly... added pic for Raiha's Sweet and Gentle Attitude. Will get round to adding more links one of these days. Um, added profiles for Uruha Scarlet and Kurei (Yay!). Edited the referee profiles a bit, as well as Recca's battle skills page.

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