Names and Their Meanings

Ever wonder what the names of the FoR characters mean? I've got all the meanings here. Note that I've used all the Chinese names to get the meanings, so they might turn out to have different meanings from the Japanese names.
Right now I'm just going to write the names (Japanese first, then Chinese), then the meaning of the names, (So if the meaning sounds funny, it's because I translated the names one word by one word) but later on I might scan in the Chinese/Japanese(?) characters and give you the multiple meanings each word has, since I've only picked the meanings I think are the most appropriate for now. For example, the "Ki" in Tokiya ("Xiu in Chinese) can mean (1) Youngest of brothers or (2) Seasons. I've chosen the latter, since Tokiya doesn't HAVE any brothers. Also note that I'm putting the names in Chinese/Japanese order, where the surname comes first. (Notice that this will be the ONLY section where I do the surname-first thing, since I've seen the English version first and in the English version, the name comes first. And I might make some mistakes in the Chinese pronounciation, since my Chinese sucks [A fact that I am NOT proud of], plus the fact that all that looking up stuff in the dictionary turned my brain to mush. ^_^) Please ask me for permission if you want to use this info, since it took me a LONG time to do.

Characters' Names
Japanese Name Chinese Name Meaning
Hanabishi Recca Hua Mai Lie Huo Flower Water Chestnut Raging Fire *
Sakoshita Yanagi Zuo Gu Xia Liu Aid Old Beneath Willow
Kirisawa Fuuko Wu Han Feng Zi Misty Marsh Wind Child
Mikagami Tokiya Shui Jing Dong Xiu Ye Water Mirror Icy Seasons Also 
Koganei Kaoru Xiao Jin Jing Xun Small Gold Well Fragrant
Ishijima Domon Shi Dao Tu Men Stone Island Earth Door
Kage Houshi Ying Fa Shi Shadow Method Teacher (Or Master)
Kagerou Yang Yan Sun Flame
Ohka Ying Huo Cherry/Sakura Fire (But it sounds nicer if you use the word "Sakura", even though it's japanese. ^_^)
Kurei Hong Li Red Handsome
Raiha Lei Ba Thunder Chief
Reina Li Nai Red Tackle ("Nai" Means to tackle with; to deal with)

Names of the Fire Dragons
Japanese Name Chinese Name Meaning
Nadare Beng To collapse, to fall in ruins
Saiha Sui Yu Fragmented Feather
Homura Huan Qun Bright Crowd
Setsuna Sha Na Stop That (This is only if the characters are taken separately)**
Setsuna Cha Na Instant, in a flash. (If Chinese characters are put together)**
Madoka Yuan Round
Rui Lei A fortress
Kokuu Xu Kong Vacant Heaven (Or the 2nd word can also mean Vacant)
Resshin Lie Shen Crack (Split, break, tear, rip open) God

Names of Psychic Devices

(This part is mostly for those who only read the Chinese manga, and need to find the English equivalent as well as the meaning. [Usually the English name is almost the same as the meaning])
Japanese Name Chinese Name Meaning
Fake Flame Pian Huo Cheat Fire
Foul Spider Xiong Zhi Zhu Savage ( or Evil) Spider
Ocean Moon Hai Yue Ocean (or Sea) Moon
Clashing Harmony  Bu Guang He Yin Not Violent Peace Sound ( or Music)
Shadow Sphere Ying Jie Yu Shadow World Jade
Paper Animator Shi Zhi Format Paper
Hair Animator Shi Fa Format Hair
Claw of Wind Feng Zhi  Wind Claw
God of Wind Feng Shen Wind God
Adamantium Blade Gang Jin An Qi Steel Gold Dark Utensil (Ware)
Beak King Jui Wang Mouth King
Demon Claw Gui Zhi Spirit (or Demon) Claw
Iron Ball Tie Wan Iron Ball (Pill or Small Ball)
Puppet Converter  Xing Kui Lei Shape Puppet-doll***

* Jayne also told me that Hanabishi means Fireworks. I'm not sure, but I think this only works for the Japanese name. I TOLD you the meanings might be different. ^_^
** Although I have given both meanings for Setsuna's name, it is more likely that the meaning for his name is meant to be the latter. ("Instant/Flash" [Since his attack is "Flash Fire" in the AXN anime, if I'm not wrong] and not "Stop That". I think everyone would have a hard time keeping a straight face if they ever encountered a deadly fire dragon called "Stop That". ^_^)
** (Only if the last two words, "Kui Lei", are combined will they then give the meaning "Puppet Doll". If they are not combined, each character gives a different meaning.)

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