The Fire Dragons

Recca, being a flame caster, has no psychic device. Instead, he shoots out flames from his hand which, later on, he finds out can take the form of an eight-headed dragon. Each head has its own personality and shape, so it's more like a bunch of dragons instead of just one. Here are the names and descriptions of all of Recca's fire dragons (Named according to the order in which Recca gained their help). You can click on the names to get their pictures. [manga only]) This will basically be on the manga dragons since the anime doesn't show all their human forms. Each have their own special power and were originally Recca's human ancestors and, when they died, became fire dragons. Thanks to The Manga Obsession, I now know that they became fire dragons because they failed to protect the ones that they loved. (So there's a possibility Recca might become one when he dies unable to protect Yanagi etc. Hm...)
Note: All attack/kanji names are the translations from the AXN sub, and so they might be slightly different from what some people are sued to. (They might also be different from my own personal translations of the names which can be found in the Names page.)

Nadare: This dragon is in the form of a woman with a ponytail. She shoots out many fireballs at one go - This attack is called "Shooting Fire". (Interestingly enough, he calls this attack "Cluster Ball" [Who comes up with these lame titles? >_K] during one of the earlier episodes when Recca is about to fight Saicho. Here he uses it to reveal Uruha Sound's and Illusion's "hiding-place")
Recca used this dragon to defeat Saicho from Team Kuu. Later on, in manga 15, he is able to create one humongous fireball instead, (And I mean REALLY huge) which he throws at the opponent. Then, just before it reaches the opponent, it splits into pieces and become separate fireballs, which then attack the opponent, catching him/her unawares. This is first seen in the last battle between Kurei and Recca.
(Technically Nadare is the second dragon [she's always referred to that in both the manga and anime], but since she was the FIRST dragon Recca ever used (after training, that is), she is listed first.)
Kanji: Slide

Saiha: In human form, it looks like a guy with a buzz haircut. Like his dragon form, Saiha has two dots (birthmarks?) under each eye. One of Recca's favourite dragons. It is used as a blade attached to his Tekkou which can cut through almost anything. (Well, that's what they say in the beginning anyway) Combined with Nadare, it can create multiple boomerang-like fire projectiles which can cut an enemy to pieces.
Kanji: Break

Homura: It looks like a whip which coils itself around Recca's wrist to increase the power of his punches. Its human form is a man with a bald head. It can defeat the enemy without actually killing them. Recca used this dragon to win the battle with Kuukai, the leader of Team Kuu. Combined with Saiha, Recca can create a fire sickle and chain.
Kanji*: I forgot. ^_^

Setsuna: It is also known as the dragon with no eyes or the blind dragon. (He hides his eye and only opens it when he wants to unleash his power) His human form wears a chain of eyes around his neck and the eyes are taken from the corpses of his victims. (Yergh. Oh, BTW, this piece of information was given to me by Recca Hanabishi) He loves to kill and even wanted to kill Recca! This dragon helped to defeat Genjuro when he tried to steal one of Recca's fire dragons because he (Setsuna) was angry at being called out unexpectedly. Looking at Setsuna will fry you, so if you keep your eyes shut, there will be no effect on you whatsoever. Since Setsuna is blind, his other 5 senses are much more sensitive and was able to see through Genjuro's/Kurei's Multiple Illusion Technique. (Not sure if name is correct) Setsuna's attack is called "Flame Flash".
Kanji*: Stop (Is actually part of a phrase which means "in a flash")

Madoka: It forms a so-called unpeneterable (sp?) barrier (So-called because I've seen it be destroyed once). Recca used this dragon to save Neon from Uruha Sound from being killed. Comes in the form of a kindly fat middle-aged man. He uses fireballs connected to each other by lines to form the barrier. Recca managed to destroy the barrier by summoning Nadare to extinguish these fireballs. Later on, Recca uses this new technique to "defeat" Jishou (The flame one, not the real person). After trapping Jishou in the barrier, he let loose with Nadare, which then collapsed and extinguished Jishou. Unfortunately, since Jishou is a flame and not a real living entity, it didn't work quite as well as Recca had planned.
Kanji*: Round

Rui: She can create illusions. Recca just needs to think of whatever illusion he wants to appear and she will make it happen. No one remembers her real form, since she changes them frequently, but her favourite is that of a beautiful woman with flowing hair. (She dresses quite scantily to fluster the opponent, or, if the opponent is a pervert, to distract them. ^_^)
Kanji*: Fortress

Kokuu: Kokuu is basically a laser cannon. He releases a fireball like setting up for a tennis serve, and then blows on it to create a blast of fire. This blew through the dome and beyond the first time it was shown. Now, imagine if Nadare was to release a bunch of fire balls for was done.(Again, this bit of information is thanks to The Manga Obsession) I've now seen this myself, and I have only one thing to say... wow. Recca purposely missed Kurei the first time round, and you should have seen Kurei's reaction. Can we say "Total Shock"?
Somehow, it managed to come out of Recca's body a day before the final round of the Dark Martial Combat to give the Hokage team advice. It takes the form of a perverted old man with an injured eye who likes Fuuko. (Actually, all women. He's even molested her and Kagerou a couple of times. -_-) In the manga, it was he who gave Recca all the information on the fire dragons and how to defeat them, as well as some advice to the other Hokage members. (The anime didn't really show the fight between Recca and the dragons)
Oh, BTW, here's a picture of Kokuu I really like... he looks like SUCH a maniac! LOL
Kanji*: Vacant

Resshin: The last dragon and probably the most powerful of all. It is actually Ohka, Recca and Kurei's father. Perhaps that is why it stayed neutral in the fight between Recca and Kurei. (Anime only. In the manga, he didn't make an appearance, at least not in book 16 [The end of Season I]). Its power has not yet been revealed, but it is most likely that he is even stronger than Kokuu. (Wow... imagine a dragon even more powerful than Kokuu... It boggles the mind. ^_^)
Kanji*: Crack

* Since I haven't seen the entire AXN sub (Dub yes, sub no), mst of the Kanji translations will be my own until I finish re-watching the series.

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