Awards, Fanclubs, Cliques Etc.

There are a few reasons why you won't be seeing very many awards around here, namely because:

1) My site's not good enough.
2) And also because I don't think my site's good enough to apply for any awards.

So it's a very rare and happy day for me when I actually get an award which people tell me I actually deserve. (I know I won't be deserving any anytime soon... my page is sooooo plain! >_<)
BTW, cooments might sound a bit outdated since some of them were done quite a while ago. *sheepish grin*


Yay! I'm so happy! So far I've got an award from the webmistress of "Recca no Hime: A Yanagi Sakoshita Shrine". Thank you sooo much! ^_^
Wai! This was given to me by Bluhdy Elephant. (Webmistress of the Fuuko Kirisawa shrine, as well as the new Raiha Shrine!) Thanks a lot! It means a lot to me. ^_^


I am proud to be a member of the (Kawaii ^_^) Kaoru Koganei Fanclub.

Plus, I'm also a member of the Fuuko fanclub. Fuuko's one of my fav. characters, you know! ^_^

Argh! I am so, so sorry for not getting this badge up earlier, but I forgot because of the exams. Anyway, here's another Raiha Fanclub. Woo-hoo!
Wow, this one's the longest here so far! ^_^ I am a member of the Kurei fanclub!

scarlet passion >>> kurei x neon <<<

I support Scarlet Passion - The fanclique dedicated to the love between Kurei and Neon!




Looky here! I've adopted Neon!

Another adopte: Nephrite from Sailor Moon. (Actually, he isn't my fav Dark Kingdom General [Kunzite is], but I still like him anyway. This took me so long to put up I wonder if I've been kicked off the list...

And the latest... Yui Hongou, my favourite character in Fushigi Yuugi. Isn't she pretty?



I am also the proud keeper of "Raiha's sweet and gentle attitude" (I think I should have called it "Demeanour" instead, since "attitude" just sounds... wrong), "Neon's devoted love to Kurei-sama", "Domon's One-Sided But Totally Devoted Adoration for Fuuko", "Kaoru's Amazing Friendship with Saicho", and lastly, (I think) Joker's Mischievous Fangy Grin". (Not so sure of the correct name, since the list isn't up yet)
Go to Lynn-chan's Keepsakes Corner if you want to be a keeper!

Neon's Devoted Love to Kurei-sama... Revealed!

Raiha's Sweet and Gentle Attitude: Doesn't this pic convince you enough? ^_^



This isn't really anime related, but I am a Pocket Bishonen trainer! Click on the badge to catch your own! (Even if you're not a fan of Pokemon like me [It's ok, but I don't love it], it'll still be great fun!)

Or click here to see the bishonen (Or is it Bishonens?) I've caught!


(Only one so far...)

femininity || [Nekoi Yuzuriha]

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