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Chuangyi version of volume 31 was released on 19/2/2002.

I think it's highly ironic that a have a page entitled "Static links", and then I go and not update this page for 4 months. -_-;;;;;
Anyway, I don't currently have an update, (What, you were expecting me to have a huge update ready? You people think too highly of me. ^_^;;;;) but I've resolved to start updating this page regularly again, by hook or by crook. At the very most, I'll update with one measly page by one measly page every weekend. (Until I grow old and get a beard and die before I ever finish, but that's not the point. ^_^;;;;;) So if you feel like seeing new stuff on this page, feel free to e-mail me with messages such as "Hurry up, you slacker! Stop procrastinating and get a move on!". Whether or not I actually answer those e-mails is an entirely different matter... ^_~

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