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In case you want to know (But why do you?), this page was last updated on 14/4/2001. I've finally gotten started on my personal page, but it's still heavily under construction. Considering how lazy I am, who knows when I'll ever finish it? And besides, exams are coming... I need to get off my lazy butt and start studying hard. I wish I weren't so lazy. *sighZ* I've still got tons of pages I WANT to make, but probably WILL never make, but who knows. Let's wait and see.
Anyway, I'm sure you don't want to listen to me list babble on about pages I want to make but probably never will due to the lack of time (And patience. And skills. And motivation. And... *Reader: Get on with it already!*), so go on and explore my page immediately! (ESPECIALLY my Flame of Recca Page. It's my precious baby! ^_^

Raging Fire: A Flame of Recca Site - Last updated 16/7/2001
My pride and joy. Go visit it, or I'll bonk you over the head with a mallet. (Or maybe you'll get toasted by Recca's flame dragons)

The A-maize-ing Cornfield - Last updated 24/5/2001
My personal page. Finally gone over the major revamp I've been talking about the past few months. Still under construction, though - most of the links aren't working yet.

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