A DUCATI CLASSIC: The 900SS/FE commemorated Ducati's last production-run of the carburetor-based 900cc Supersport.  It brought to a close Ducati's most successful model to date (later surpassed by the Monster).  The 900 Supersport (900SS) was manufactured from 1992 through 1998, at which time the fuel injected Supersport 900 (SS900) began to roll off the assembly line.

The non-USA 900SS/FE's came with 1997-spec engines (external oil lines, silver colored sidecases, etc.) while the USA 900SS/FE's came with 1998-spec engines (internal oil lines, grey colored sidecases, Tecnol cylinders, etc.) similar to the fuel injected SS900 engines of that same year.
The 900SS/FE, being the last of its breed, included all of the incremental updates that were made throughout the 900 Supersport's production-run.  To maintain the 900 Supersport's place in history, Ducati only produced 800 of the Final Edition motorbikes - 300 for the USA market (in early 1998) and 500 for the rest of the world (in late 1997).  Each 900SS/FE received a numbered plaque on the triple clamp.  They were painted silver (all prior 900SS models were red, yellow, or (the dreaded!) black).  Apparently, six 900SS/FE's bound for the United Kingdom market were painted red as new by the importer/dealer. Other riders, including me, switched out the silver bodywork and fueltank for OEM red replacements.  To each his/her own.

Other motorbikes will certainly outperform the 900SS/FE.  But the 900SS/FE was never about the numbers game.  Rather, the 900SS/FE was, and still is, a motorbike that harkens back to a time when a rider could have enormous fun no matter what speed and no matter what type of road he/she is riding - although the twisties are where it shines!

While exclusive in nature, the 900SS/FE is by no means a collector's motorbike.  It is a motorbike meant to be ridden and enjoyed.  Its torque-laden and robust motor, simple and easy-to-maintain air/oil-cooled L-twin layout, timeless desmodromic 2-valve actuation, spacious and all-day riding ergonomics (at least by sportbike standards), thundering exhaust note, and jingling dry clutch all make for not just a ride but a never-ending experience.

If you have the opportunity to ride or the means to purchase a 900SS/FE (or a 900 Supersport for that matter), I strongly recommend it.  Enjoy my website and ride safe!

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