This is my 1998 Dodge Dakota and me. It has been lowered 3" up front and 5" in rear. 225/50/15 Low profile tires, color matched wipers, door handles, tailgate handle, glovebox, antenna, ashtray, driverside knee bolster, fuse box cover, latch on armrest storage, mirrors, front bumper, window and lock switch cover,  removed decals including the black one between the side windows. Also done was specially painted headlight covers.
Other mods include a street scene front valance (later changed to WingsWest), smooth wiper cowl, hidden hitch, sir michaels rollpan, daytime running lights removed and chrome door edge trim to look like a billet grille.
This here is a better shot at the smooth wiper cowl and painted wipers. Also is a Tenzo air intake originally for a honda civic, which I may say works wonders.
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Pics of the DROPT_98_DAKOTA after an accident. 3 pages, 3 accidents
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