The first and founding member of the Dragonsandwiches is P.G. He's the group's GM 99% of the time. He started with 2nd edition back in the "OLD" days. Awarded "most damage delt in a single blow." GaryCon '01. Currently runs the local weird pete & has taken the new group under his wing to teach them the finer points of HACK, Lessons are on Monday nights. Ruthlessnes 8.0+
Patrick is your DIE HARD gamer. A bard to his trade, playing everything, but not a master of any of them. Has taken up the call to be a HMGA. Passing his test, and being trained by P.G. he has started his own group. Still plays with the Sandwiches weekly with his power character of the week. Its always a challenge to see who kills his character first, P.G. or himself.
Triston is the bad boy of the group. His first experience with RPG is with the Sandwiches. He follows Eric's character around like a puppy dog. What he lacks in experience, he makes up with gusto. A true spirit of HACK.
Will is confused by HACK, having played to much 3rd edition, and becase of it doesn't understand the nature of the game. Nevertheless, games weekly, and usually gets assigned as the party Cleric.

Hey! its better then torch bearer.

Impressed P.G. with the most valent death he's ever seen. Fighting bravely against overwhelming odds.
Eric usually runs a barbarian or some other dim witted stupid character. Ironically, he's the party leader. Awarded best roleplaying award GaryCon '01.
Who are these guys?
Dragonsandwiches /dra-GON-sand-wich-ess/ n. 1. Hackmaster roleplaying group located in northern Illinois. 2. One of the original/oldest Hackmaster play groups.
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