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Journey Through Time . . .
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TRIBUTE  To  My  Grandparents
and my mother Elena (Helen) who passed away in March 2002
I miss her terribly

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Finding "Home"
Welcome to my  "Labor of Love ..."

November 2000 I embarked on a momentous journey to the paese of my maternal nonni  - Roccamorice in Abruzzo.

Through the hand of Divine grace, I would soon return to Italia...

May 2001 I continued my journey through Italy to Scigliano in Calabria, the paese of my paternal nonni.  Guided with a grace-filled hand, we traveled 1,800 kilometers into the heart of Italy, on autostradas and back roads, through mountains and harrowing narrow town roads, along the coasts of the Mediterraneo, Jonia, and Adriatico seas.
Italy is not for the faint of heart, and if we are not careful we will fall in love.  She's an enchanting seductress who subtly steals our hearts while taking our breath away, indelibly etching her inescapable beauty and charm into the very core of our souls.

I have fallen deeply in love with this blood that trickles through my veins
. . .
Tenderly whispering, "be still sweet sullen heart; a beacon will summon you home."

Please join me and embrace the essence of Italy and her people, through my own spirit, heart and eyes.
Background photo ~ taken from a train, one of many  bridges on the autostrada in Abruzzo
Unpublished work 2000 Donamaria
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