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Well, It has been a while since I updated. Boy I tell ya, Days should be like 72 hours long. I have got barely enough time for school, but I am getting in the occasional hour of Hard Truck 2. I finally got osme time to sit down and update the site. We got the contest winners here!
*1st. Place - DLG
*2nd. Place - EvoX (Got the location right an deverything!)
*3rd. Place - The Wheel Man

Congratulations. The picture was of a Peterbuilt being pushed off the bridge between Mercury and North Harbour. It was pushed off by a particularly aggressive Kamaz and hung by it's nose from the bridge for a while! It was so funny. I caught it just as It fell. I am looking for a new Guess the pic pic, so send in yours! (Of course that means you can't guess.) You need to state exactly what truck it it, what is happening, where, and how it happened. Sned all entries to I have recently joined the Truck sims Transport Fleet at I urge everyone to join. It is fun and it breathes new life into Hard Truck 2! I would like to thank Bil for all his effort in setting the company up. I will have new screen shots up soon of Multiplayer mode. Maybe we could hold tournaments or something. And remember, if you have any comments or just wanna say hi, drop by our Forum or Guest book. By the way! We have had Igor Belago from Softlab-nsk stop by our guest book! I guess this site is becoming a pretty popular site for Hard Truck 2! That's all for now.

Wow! I can't believe We've had 1000 hits already. It is a big landmark in the history of this site, and I have to say I could not have done it without all you HT2 fans out there! Also, I have added something new! A guess the pic contest. It replaces the Pic of the week for now. Enter and win!
Just a small update, I added a new Flash animation above. It is kinda basic, but I am just learning flash. That's all for now, and don't forget to stop by the forums to say hi! Or just use the guestbook.
Just a little update. I added a forum! Go there to talk about Hard Truck 2! This should help people contact others about Hard Truck 2 and increase the help people recieve for Hard Truck 2! That's all for now! Post Away!
Sorry! My bad, I forgot to put the link to the turbine page on the cheats! Oh well, it is fixed. Anyways, no real new stuff... But I did get a new domain name! Just type in: That's all for now.
Wow, a kinda big update today. I had noticed that no one covered the Turbine cheat code which, on my part. I felt needed clairifying. If you go to the cheats page, and click the link there. I think it is pretty extensive, but if I left something out, let me know. I also added a few new shots, and an Archive page. I also reformated the Screen Shots page so it is easier usable. That's all for now!

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Guess the Pic Contest
A Special treat for all you HT2 fans out there, It's the first guess the pic contest! Try to guess what is happening in this pic! The top 3 winner's names will be posted on the site! So write away right away! Rules
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