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Some of this stuff isn't so new anymore, I know, but the final few months of PA school don't leave me much time for creating new Palm docs. In any case, I'm still checking site traffic pretty regularly, and I've got a few ideas in the works... In any event, I still check my email, so if you have trouble let me know.
note: you must have the iSilo reader (VERSION 3.0 OR BETTER) to use these references. There IS a free version.  To get iSilo, click HERE.
Blood Chemistry: Interpreting Common Labs
  A companion to "Complete Blood Count", this handy reference interprets many commonly ordered lab tests.  Sections include Chem 7, LFT's, Cardiac Enzymes, and Hematology.  Never confuse an AST with an ALT again.
Basics of Acid-Base Balance
Not a clinical ABG reference, just a good solid reference of the basics of acid base balance.  Never forget what the heck the chloride shift is or what glutaminase does again--keep them in your Palm.
YAARR! (yet another ACLS rapid-reference)
A useful ACLS2000 reference for iSilo3.  Includes a section on drug dosages and functions.  Short, to the point, has the new algorithms, and free!!!
Basics of Chest X-ray Interpretation
This is a handy reference manual in iSilo format covering basic chest radiology and recognition of pathological conditions.  Adapted from a wonderful text authored by
Dr. Barbara Ritter.
Complete Blood Count: Interpreting the CBC
Not just a lab value reference, but a guide to understanding the CBC.  For everyone who confuses a MHC with an MCHC, this is for you.  With normal values and differential diagnoses.  For iSilo3.
Interpreting the 12-Lead ECG
From the basics of 12-lead monitoring to recognition of AMI and other pathologies by their waveforms.  Everyone has the namby-pamby ACLS rhythms in their PDA, now here's the hard stuff.  Adapted from another great text by Dr. Ritter.  For iSilo3.
FYI: PalmSource, Inc. has asked members of the Palm Powered handheld community to author "expert guides" on all manner of topics.  To visit my Medical Education Expert Guide and become a serious medical user, click the emblem to the right!
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