The Futurian Society of Sydney
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This page provides links to some material I've written up for the The Futurian Society of Sydney. The Sydney Futurians are a quite ancient and modestly honourable science-fiction discussion group based in Sydney, Australia. Other material unrelated to the Futurians can be found on my home page.

Foreign Language Science Fiction Films

There are three descriptions of science fiction films, all shown on SBS in Australia. These are spoiler-ridden, and not so much reviews as the "I saw an interesting film on TV the other day, let me tell you about it" story you'd get from a friend. The assumption is that you're unlikely to be looking at these films any time soon. The common theme is science fiction in languages other than English.

Public Lectures on Science

Five reviews of six public lectures given in Sydney:

Essays on Tolkien

Conventions Past and Future

One convention report.

One advertisement for the FreeCon program. FreeCon is an attempt to provide free science fiction conventions in the Sydney metropolitan area, with a view to eventually building up to being able to put on the Australian national SF convention or (in our dreams) bid for a WorldCon.

At time of writing we've held three FreeCons, and are thinking of scaling up. Drop me a line if you're interested.

Meetings of the Futurian Society of Sydney

One guide to our meetings:

And records of several Futurian meetings: (basically, the ones where I carried the can as secretary, and didn't lose the notes or tape afterward). For meetings written up by other members see the Futurians' Home Page.

17th April 1998    Memory Erasure and Alteration
19th June 1998    Prisoners
17th July 1998    The Asteroid Belt
19th February 1999    Saturn and the Saturnian System
19th March 1999    Space Pirates, Space Vikings, and the Brigands of the Starways
16th April 1999    The Outer Planets
21st May 1999    Linguistics
16th July 1999    Lawyers, Judges and Legal Cases
17th December 1999    The Collapse of Civilisation As We Know It
21st January 2000    Prophecy, Prediction and Precognition
18th February 2000    Secret Societies and Mystery Cults
14th April 2000    Something For Nothing
19th May 2000    Jim Shellins reads Active, Passive, Neutral
18th June 2000    Body Art
18th May 2001    Archaeology, by John August
15th June 2001    The First Person in SF, by Gary Dalrymple
    The First Person in SF, by John Fox

You can see from the dates that I haven't been doing this for several years. Which doesn't mean the Futurians have folded, just that I'm not writing up meetings any more.

Original Work

My science fiction on this site includes:

Strange Requests

Somewhat off-topic, there's also a page where perhaps you can identify a book for me. I warn you it is very obscure, but if you succeed you'll earn the at best irrelevant, arguably inconvenient and some would say embarrassing gratitude of many of my friends.

The Other, Other Page

Lots of other Futurian material appears on the Futurian home page, including the useful information like when we meet, but that's all maintained by Ian Woolf (see the Futurians page for contact details). I welcome feedback for my own writings at (delete the spamproofing).

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