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Janus was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy on 24 Dec,2001 after showing symptoms for a few days. These are photos taken after she was diagnosed with cardiomyopathy. She passed away in Shumin's arms at about 11.30pm in our car about a minute away from the vet. She has been more than a dog to us. A wonderful companion and friend. Our dear girl will always be in our hearts and minds. We like to thank God for giving us 6 wonderful years with Janus.

May she rest in peace. We will always remember and miss you, our dearest girl.

janus kissing dan.jpg(32731 bytes)

Janus kissing Dan.

janus with ball and oscar.jpg(28901 bytes)

Janus with her favourite toy and Oscar at the back.

janus at door.jpg(17502 bytes)

Janus waiting patiently at the door for Oscar to finish his food so she can clean up his bowl.

janus at mums.jpg(27847 bytes)

Janus at Grandma's house. Looking a little bloated due to the water retention, a symptom of cardiomyopathy.

janus in grass.jpg(53552 bytes)

Janus on her last walk at our usual route.

jan playing with occy1.jpg(11706 bytes) jan playing with occy2.jpg(40463 bytes) jan playing with occy3.jpg(44741 bytes)

Janus playing with Oscar just before the vet appointment for her ultrasound scan.

janoccymon_in_bed.jpg (39223 bytes)

This was actually taken early December, before we knew what was about to happen soon after. Janus is the one in the foreground.

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