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  These next days of importance are not Sabbats or Esbats, but are sometimes liked to be observed by some Witches.

Day of the Triple Goddess

Saint Agnes' Eve

Pentagram Night

Salem Memorial


Earth Day

Cerridwen's Cauldron

St. John's Eve

New Moon Wishing

Horned God

Love Divination Day

Day of The Triple Goddess- January 6

The Day of the Triple Goddess is observed by many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans of various traditions each year on this date. This is a time to pay homage to the Goddess in Her three aspects which consist of the Maiden (symbolized by the new and waxing moon), the Mother (symbolized by the full moon), and the Crone (symbolized by the waning and dark of the moon).


Place three candles (one white, one green, and one black) upon your altar. Light the white one first in honor of the Goddess in Her Maiden aspect and say:
I Light this candle for the Maiden:
A Goddess of Beginnings
And the Birth of Spring.
She is fertility, She is growth.
She reflects the mystical beauty
of the sacred woman-spirit.
Next, light the green candle in honor of the Goddess in Her Mother aspect, and say:
I Light this candle for the Mother:
She is nurturing and protecting.
She is the giver of life, the Divine
Matrix of neverending mystery.
With her light of white she heals.
Her breasts flow with the milk
of summer's sweetness.
Finally, light the black candle in honor of the Goddess in Her Crone aspect, and say:
I light this candle for the Crone:
With wisdom she rules
Like an ancient queen.
Into winter's darkness
She guides us
When our autumns
In this world End.

So Mote it Be!
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Saint Agnes' Eve- January 20

Saint Agnes was a Roman Catholic child martyr who was beheaded in the year 304 C.E. for refusing to marry. The eve of her feast day is an ideal (and traditional) time for Witches to perform all forms of romantic enchantments, especially love divination. According to a very old legend, it is on this night of the year when an unmarried woman is able to catch a glimpse of her husband-to-be in a dream.
To perform such a divination, light a pink candle before you go to bed. If you wish, you may anoint the candle with any herbal oil associated with the art of love magick, such as orris, sandalwood, vetivert, or ylang-yland. Hold a hand mirror up to your face. Gaze into the mirror and recite the following incantation.
Dear Sant Agnes, sweet and fair
I call to thee with humble prayer:
With clarity I wish to see
The face of my true love to be.
Tonight let him be dream-revealed;
With a kiss this rhyme is sealed.
So Mote it Be!
Place a kiss upon the mirror's glass and then place the mirror with the glass side up, underneath your pillow. In your own words give thanks to Saint Agnes for listening to your prayer, and then go to sleep with an open mind.
If there is a marriage in your future (anything within the next twelve months), you should recieve a vivid dream about the man who is destined to become your partner in matrimony.

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Pentagram Night- February 26

A time to reaffirm your dedication the craft of Wicca and the Old Ones.
As a symbolic gesture to reaffirm your dedication to the craft of Wicca and the Old Ones, dip the fingertip of your right index finger into a small cauldron pot (or other container) filled with ashes from a Yule log.
If Yule-log ashes are unavailable, you may substitute ashes from a fireplace in which magickal herbs, a Wiccan Dedication on parchment, or something used in a spell of positive magick was burned.
Use the ashes to draw the sacred symbol of the Witches' Pentagram (five-pointed star within a circle) over your heart at the first stroke of midnight. As you do this, repeat thrice the following incantation.
As now begins the withing hour
A circle and star of ancient power
Over my heart I draw with pride:
To the light of white
May my soul it guide.
So Mote it be!
After the flames have died out and the ashes have cooled, gather them up and then sprinkle them outside of your house at each of the four directional points, starting with East, and then South, West, and finally North.

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Salem Memorial- March 1

On the first day of March in the year 1692, the infamous Salem Witch hunt and trials officially began. By the time the Puritans who were behind it ended their sadistic torturing and execution of innocent people, nineteen women had been hanged on Salem's Gallows Hill and one man who would not give testimony had been crushed to death underneath a pile of heavy stones that had been placed, one by one, on top of him until every bone in his body fractured and his eyeballs popped out of their sockets.
Each year on the anniversary date that marks the beginning of the Salem Witch trials, many modern day Witches, Wiccans and Neo-Pagans alike feel a need within their hearts to do something special in memory of the tragic event, such as offering prayers of healing to the spirits of the victims and to all of their descendants as well.
After the sun disappears beyong the horizon and the darness of night veils the sky, light some incense on the altar along with a new white candle that has been anointed with a few drops of clove, myrrh, or sandalwood oil.
After a period of meditation, begin visualizing a white light of healing power forming a circle around you. "Breathe in" some of the light through the palm of your left hand, and then "exhale" it through the palm of your right hand, directing it by the power of your will toward the restless spirits of all Witch trial victims and their families. As you do this, recite the following Witches' prayer of rhyme:
Witches of Salem, innocent all,
Murdered in the name of the Lord.
Centuries later we hear your call:
The truth revealed is your reward.
Be from your chains of pain released,
May all your spirits now find peace.
And from the past let there be learning,
We cry: Never again the Burning!
So Mote it Be!
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Moonrise- March 31

Each year on the thirty-first of March, the people of ancient Rome would honor the beautiful and powerful goddess of the moon and lunar magick with a sacred ceremony known as the Feast of Luna.
At the first stroke of midnight, light a brand new silver candle (to represent the moon) and, either standing outdoors under the moon(preferably) or indoors at a window facing the moon, hold the burning candle up in salute to Her and then recite the following honoring rhyme:
Rays of Moonlight
Emblazon the night
With Magick Bright.

Lady Luna waxes and wanes;
Our goals she helps us to attain.
Huntress Diana fills us with might;
Artemis gloriously governs the night.

Mother Selene dances above;
She blesses her children
With lunar love.
Sacred Parvati reigns supreme;
Ancient Lucina gives birth
To our dreams.

Dark Crone Hecate Protects us all;
Destroyer, restorer,
She heeds our call.
Aradia teaches us witchy ways;
Our knowledge increases
With every phase.

Hail to the Moon
And Her mystical power.
I offer this tune
At the witching hour.

So Mote it Be!
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Earth Day- April 22

Earth Day (Which is designed to increase community awareness of important environmental issues) is dedicated to Mother Earth and an appropriate time for Wiccans throught the world to perform Gaia-healing rituals.
Sit before the candle on the ground with your legs crossed "Indian style" or in the yoga lotus position. Light the candle, and as you gaze into its flame, focus your thoughts and energies upon the Earth, her rugged beauty and natural wonders.
Cupping your hands together, take up some soil and recite the following magickal verses of blessing:
Bless the earth
Bless the earth
She is our Mother
Fertile and green.

Bless the earth
Bless the earth
She is our Healer
She is our Queen.

Dancing, dancing
Day and night
Along Her magick circle bright,
Giving birth to land and sea,
Mother earth, I honor thee.

Bless the earth
Bless the earth
She is our teacher
Ancient and wise.
She must be cherished;
Let her not perish:
She is our Goddess
In disguise.

So Mote it Be!
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Cerridwen's Cauldron- June 20

Each year on the 20th of June, many Witches and Pagans (especially in Ireland and Great Britain) celebrate what is known as The Day of Cerridwen. It is a time for paying homage to the ancient Celtic goddess of fertility.
Place a green candle on your altar along with a small cauldron or fireprood incense burner filled with dried vervain (this is the herb most sacred to Cerridwen). Light the candle and burn the vervain as you say:
To Goddess Cerridwen I do pray
Guide me through another day,
Let all evil turn away
And keep misfortune well at bay.
Let my heart be blessed with health
And let my purse be blessed with wealth.
With words of rhyme I pray to thee
Thou art sublime, So Mote it Be!
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St. John's Eve- June 23

The eve of Sain John's Day (or Midsummer's Day) is a traditional time for Witches in all parts of the world to gather herbs from their gardens or from the wild to use in potions, dream pillows, poppets, and other forms of spellcraft.
An Herb-Gathering Spell
To be recited on Saint John's Eve, thrice before and thrice after gathering your herbs for magickal workings:
Herbs of magick, herbs of power,
Root and bark, leaf and flower,
Work for me when charms are spoken,
Potions bewed and curses broken!
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New Moon Wishing- August

According to an ancient superstition, if a person makes a secret wish while gazing up at the new moon in August, his or her wish will come true before the end of the year.
On the first night of the new moon, light a white candle. As its glame burns, gaze deeply into it and focus all of your thoughts and feelings upon whatever it is that you are strongly wishing to have, to do, or to make happen. Take care, however, not to wish for anything that would directly or indirectly bring harm to, or interfere with the free will of, any individual.
Raise your arms up to the sky with both of your palms facing up, and say:
Goddess of the new moon fair
I ask thee harken to this prayer
May that which I desire be granted,
With intent these words are chanted.
Now state your wish three times, and then say:
Thrice my rhyming spell is spun
To make this wish come true for me.
Thanks I give for it is done.
This is my will. So Mote it Be!
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Horned God- October 18

On the 18th day of October, many Wiccans and Neo-Pagans from around the world perform a special ceremony to pay homage to Cernunnos, the ancient Horned God who presides over hunting, fertility, and all wild animals. Cernunnos symbolizes the male principle and is regarded by many as the consort of the Goddess.
Honor Him by lighting a dark green candle on the altar and recite the following Pagan rhyme:
O Great Horned God, to thee I sing
This song of praise for all you bring:
For gentle beasts and birds so free,
For fertile lands and woodland trees.
You are the God of darkest night
And bringer of the brightest light.
The earth is your kingdom,
The sky is your throne;
By many names you have been known.
Ancient as time and space you are,
Majestic as the sky ablaze with stars.
O Great Horned God of pagan love,
My heart beats for you
Like a trembling dove.

So Mote it Be!
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Love Divination Day- December 1

The 1st day of December is a traditional time for young ladies in many parts of the world to perform a special love divination in order to discover who their future mates will be.
If you are an unmarried woman (of any age) and desire to learn the name of the man destined to be your future lover or marriage mate, take some onions (as many as you wish) and upon each one, carve or write a different man's name as you recite the following magickal incantation:
Onion sprout reveal to me
The name of my true love to be.
Place the onions near a fire and keep an eye on them over the next few days. The man whose name is on the onion that sprouts first will most likely be your true love, according to the divination.

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