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Agate- Brown, blue, gray.
Found in Brazil, India, Mexico and the U.S.
The hardness and durability of this stone brings stability to your life.

Amazonite- White, pale green-blue.
Found in North and South America and Russia.
Its connection with water helps you to be tranquil. The high potassium content aids the physical body.

Amber- Orange, honey colored to chalky yellow.
Found in Batiks, Central America, and the Caribbean.
The translucent color of the stone warms the soul and brings comfort to those who possess it.

Amethyst- Light lavender to deep purple.
Found in North and South America, India, and Brazil.
The six sided point of an amethyst crystal will point you in the right direction. Amethyst is a primary healing stone.

Aquamarine- Pale blue to blue-green.
Found in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, and India.
The calming effect of this gem will sooth and relax you.

Aragonite- Cloudy, milky white, orange.
Found in Mexico, U.S., and Spain.
Aids in clearing the senses. Thought and emotions will be defined.

Bloodstone- Dark green with red flecks.
Found in Russia, India, Mexico, and Brazil.
This stone increases circulation and alleviates cold hands and feet.

Blue Lace Agate- Light to dark blue.
Found in Africa.
The sky blue color of the stone promotes peacefulness and clears the mind.

Calcite- Pale gray, yellow, white.
Found in North America.
Like the crystals that point out of the center, this rock gives direction in life.

Carnelian- Red-orange to orange-brown.
Found in India, South America, and Japan.
The fiery orange color invokes passion and love. Increases energy.

Celestine- White to light blue.
Found in Madagascar.
Promotes self awareness and and awareness of the world around you.

Copper- Metallic orange.
Found in the U.S., Canada, Chile, and Africa.
The metal content of this mineral aids in transferring thoughts into actions.

Diamond- Colorless, white, yellow, blue.
Found in Africa, India, Russia, and South America.
The strongest stone on Earth, we lean on it for courage.

Emerald- Green.
Found in India, Columbia, and Brazil.
Associated with the eyes, it helps with your insight and allows you to see goodness in others.

Fluorite- Pale green to dark purple.
Found in the U.S., Canada, and Newfoundland.
The fluoride content of this mineral aids in fortifying bones and teeth.

Galena- Lead-Gray.
Found in Australia, Mexico, Peru and the U.S.
The iron content helps with iron deficient blood and the circulatory system.

Garnet- Reddish-black to deep red.
Found in Central Europe, Russia, Africa, and the U.S.
This stone helps you concentrate on the details of everyday life.

Gold- Shiny, metallic.
Found in the U.S., South Africa, and Canada.
Its bright shiny appearance allows you to have a good outlook.

Granite- Light colored with flecks of black, red, brown, gray.
Found worldwide.
Conglomerate of many minerals.
Aids in dealing with relationships with many different personalities.

Hematite- Reddish-orange on the outside, when polished it is a gray metallic color.
Found in Brazil, Canada, U.S., and Australia.
This iron ore strengthens the blood and improves circulation.

Herkimer Diamond- Clear.
Found in the U.S. and Mexico.
This quartz crystal with points on either and helps your mind to focus.

Howlite- White with flecks of gray.
Found in Africa, Nova Scotia, and California.
Aids in breathing- particularly for asthma sufferers.

Jade- Green, yellow, pink.
Found in China, U.S., and New Zealand.
As the ancient Chinese believed, this stone will bring wisdom and prosperity.

Jasper- Red, brown, yellow, green.
Found in the U.S., Greece, Poland, and Turkey.
This stone will help control your intense passionate nature.

Labradorite- Blue, gray with flashes or color.
Found in Norway, Finland, and Madagascar.
Like the colorful flash seen on the face of the rock, it helps shy people come out of their shell.

Laps- Royal blue with flecks of gold.
Found in Central Asia, Chile, and Pakistan.
This stone promotes self importance and self confidence.

Leapordskin Agate- Brown, orange, yellow.
The small circles of color aids in concentrating on the details of life. Regulated metabolism.

Malachite- Light to dark green.
Found in Africa, Russia, and Australia.
A piece kept in your wallet or purse will help you to spend money wisely.

Moonstone- Gray, pearly with flecks of color.
Found in Sri Lanka.
Associated with love and happy times.

Obsidian- Black, brown, red.
This volcanic glass helps hot tempered people keep their cool.

Onyx- Brown, white, gray, black.
Found in Mexico, Brazil, and the U.S.
This stone will help overcoming feelings of loneliness. Aids in adapting to unfamiliar surroundings.

Opal- Colorless or white. High quality pieces contain flecks of fiery color.
Found in the US., Australia, and Bohemia.
The flashes of fire within the opal aids in the release of anger.

Peridot- Green.
Found in Burma and the U.S.
The green color of this stone prevents being envious of others.
Allows you to focus on positive aspects or life.

Petrified wood-
Found in the U.S. and Madagascar.
Like the visible rings from this stones past, it allows you to learn from past mistakes.

Pumice- White, gray.
Lightweight form of volcanic glass.
Helps those with weight problems stick to a diet.

Pyrite- Yellow, shiny.
Also known as "Fool's Gold".
Found in Germany, Peru, and the U.S.
This mineral will protect investments. Promotes general good health.

Quartz- Colorless or white.
Large quantities found in Brazil and the U.S.
All around healing stone. Brings good luck.

Rhodochrosite- Pink.
Found in South Africa, Germany, France, and Spain.
Promotes self acceptance. Kept close at night it will help you remember your dreams.

Rhodonite- Pink with black veins.
Found in Australia and the U.S.
This stone helps you to overcome difficulties during hard times in life. Promotes positive thinking.

Rose Quartz- Pink.
The love stone.
Found in the U.S., Africa, and South America.
Promotes love and romance. Aids in improving your self image.

Ruby- Deep red, pink.
Found in Sri Lanka and Thailand.
A strong protector of health, wealth, and body. Strengthens the heart.

Sandstone- Browns.
Found worldwide.
Its absorbent nature helps you to clear up mistakes.

Sapphire- Blue.
Found in Burma, Sri Lanka, and Australia.
Promotes good judgment allowing you to make good decisions.

Selenite- Colorless, white, bluish-gray.
Found in the U.S., Canada, and Morocco.
Aids in breaking bad habits. Smokers who want to quit smoking should carry this stone.

Silver- Found in Norway, Germany, Mexico, and the U.S.
High conductor of all metals. Aids in the flow of blood to organs throughout the body.

Soapstone- Brown, green, white.
Found in the U.S., Canada, and India.
This soft stone promotes change for mind and body.

Sodalite- Blue and white.
Found in Afghanistan, Chile, and Brazil.
This stone will help you stand up to adversity and overcome it. Aids in the relief of guilty feelings.

Tanzanite- Purple, blue.
Found in Tanzania.
Aids in the reducing of visibility of varicose veins. Relieves skin irritations like stings and eczema.

Tiger Eye- Brown and black.
Found in South Africa and Australia.
This stone will help you identify your addictions and give you will power to overcome them.

Topaz- Yellow, orange.
Found in Brazil, Nigeria, and Pakistan.
This stone prevents procrastination. Used in relief of the common cold.

Tourmaline- This stone comes in a variety of colors.
Found in Brazil, Asia, and the U.S.
A pink tourmaline will helo with a drug addiction. Blue-green varieties can alleviate hernia.

Turquoise- Blue, green.
Found in Iran and southwest U.S.
Considered to be a lucky stone. May have altering effects on your mood. Aids in relieving anger.

Unakite- Green with flecks of pink.
Found in the U.S. and Africa.
This stone promotes self growth and strength. It also prevents kidney stones.



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