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 First of all, I'd like to just give a little warning about spells. Most of these spells I have included are not written by me because I hardly find any use for them. I personally believe spells should only be used when needed for spiritual growth but again, that's my opinion. These spells are from various sources I have collected during my path that I think you may find useful.

Most spells are mainly a guide and I really encourage you to alter them in any way so that it is most comfortable with you. It doesn't matter if a spell is 2,000 years old or one you just wrote 5 minutes ago, they're both just as effective. In fact, the one you wrote may be better because it has a closer connection with you and that is why I included outlines for writing your own spells in the Correspondences section.

I welcome you to send in your own spells if you'd like them on this page and I will give you credit, but I will not post any spells that will harm anyone in any way. I will not call it "Black Magick" because I don't believe magick has a color and especially that black and white are suitable colors for "good" and "evil". Magick has no color but simply is. I urge you to always remember the rule of three when working magick and even thinking the slightest harmful thoughts towards another projects those thoughts and may hurt them. Please be careful! If you even start getting these thoughts, I urge you to shut the spell down because if your heart is not open and full of love and compassion, it is only going to get hurt.

Another quick lesson in Magick that I'd like to share with you is where the "power" in spells originates. People may have different views on this but this is simply what I believe when people ask me "Where does your power come from?" To me, it comes from three different sources; The Divine (God and Goddess), the Earth, and ourselves. I could go into more detail about that but I'll let you seek those answers for yourself.

Now that I have that in, I welcome you to the spells section. "Ever mind the rule of three; What you send comes back to thee!"

Healing Flames

Levitation Spell

To Obtain Money

Open to New Relationships

Ankle Bracelet for Increased Magickal Power

A Clay Spell to Mend a Broken Heart

Protection Chimes



Healing Flames
Draw a picture of yourself with the disease, wound or condition. Clearly point out the problem in the picture: a large hammer against the head to represent a headache; black worms for a virus, a broken limb, etc. Charge a red candle with healing energy. Light the candle. Hold the tip of the picture in the flame. After it is lit, drop it into a heat proof container. Now, with the red candle still burning, draw another picture of yourself without the problem. Place this picture under the red candle and let it burn out.

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Levitation Spell

4 candles - white or yellow

Cast circle. Perform cleansing ritual. Ground and center. Put candles one in each direction (north, east, south, west). Hold a feather in your left hand and feel its force, its gift of lightness. Light candles; start in the east working deosil. Enter circle and sit in a comfortable position, facing North. Say 9 times:
"In the light I see, in the dark I am blind. In the world I walk, in the circle I fly".
Next call your Spirit Guide or God/dess to aide you. Clear your mind. Feel the feather float in your open hand and float with it.

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To Obtain Money
Green Candle
Basil (powdered)
Vegetable/Anointing Oil

Inscribe the green candle with your name and exact amount of money you need. Anoint candle with oil and roll in basil. Light the candle and say:
"Money come and money grow.
Money's mine; to me it flows!"

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Open to New Relationships
Pink candle
Rose Quartz
Sunflower oil

Inscribe candle with your name, then anoint it and quartz with oil. Light candle. Hold the stone in your hand and visualize friendships coming your way and new relationships forming. Chant 3 times:
"Open mind, and gain new life,
Gone from you, all stress and strife,
Open heart, gain life anew,
Accept all love that's offered you.
Positive thought and word and deed,
Enter now - of bane I'm freed.
Ancients, hear me - grant my plea,
To new relationships, open me."
Place quartz by candle and leave it there until the candle burns all the way down. Carry the stone with you.

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Ankle Bracelet for Increased Magickal Power
1 skein purple embroidery floss
8 skeins if embroidery floss in other colors
Purple candle
Vegetable oil

Grasp the ends of all nine flosses in your hand, holding them together as one "strand". Wrap the strand loosely around your ankle 3 times and cut. Tie the lengths together with a knot about 2 inches from the end. Divide the lengths into 3 sections of 3 strands each. While concentrating on magickal power growing within you, braid them together and chant:
"As I braid, my magick grows
I weave a spell to make it so
Each cross of thread intensifies
The magick that within me lies."
Continue to braid and chant until you have a 2 inch tail and knot all strands together. Anoint the candle with vegetable oil and roll in the mixture of herbs. Lay the braided piece in front of the candle. Light and say:
"Candle burn and add to the power
Of this charm with each passing hour".
Leave the charm until the candle burns completely. Wrap the braided charm around your ankle 2-3 times and tie it securely in a square knot. Wear constantly. When you feel a new bracelet/anklet is necessary, repeat this spell, cut the old one off and bury it.

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A Clay Spell (to mend a broken heart)
Clay (red if possible)
A sheet of waxed paper
Round box

Form a a circle by pressing together the tips of your thumb and ring finger of your left hand. Make a ball of clay that's just small enough so that it can pass through this circle.
Smooth and knead the clay while thinking of your heart-breaking situation. Really work out your frustrations, anger and pain on the clay. Punch it. Squeeze it. Break it into small pieces... but always reshape it into a ball again. (Note: do not blame the other person!) Wet your fingers with water (if needed) throughout this spell.
Now smooth the batth into a think, flat circle on the waxed paper. Push and tug it into a rough heart shape. Lift it from the paper and, holding it with both hands, rip it apart. Say:
This is what was.
After a few seconds, tenderly lay the pieces back onto the waxed paper and put them back together, smoothing over the broken edges until you've returned your heart to its original appearance. Release all the anger, fear, hatred, and guilt that you feel about the relationship, affirming that these emotions are now in the past. Say:
This is what is.
Carefully life the heart and lay it over your own, pressing the cool clay against your skin. Feel its energy entering you, healing you, soothing you.
When finished, place the heart in a round wooden or cardboard box and leave it there for use as needed. (If the clay hardens, fill the box with rose petals and keep as a symbol of your self-love.)

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Protection Chimes
Find, make, or buy a new set of windchimes. They should emite a definite sound. Place the windchimes on a flat surface in your place of magic. Gaze down on them, realizing that they're lifeless, still, unmoving. Wave your projective hand over them while saying:
Wind chimes;
Spell rhymes;
Spell chimes;
Wind rhymes.
Air primes
Spell chimes;
Nine times
Lift the windchimes by the string from which they will be hung. Hold them before your face. Blow against the dangling noise-makers, visualizing their tones scattering and driving away negativity.
Hang them outside, with visualization, and let the windchimes do their work. For best results, repeat this simple charging spell every nine days.

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