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First off, thanks to everyone who read 'To the Ends of the Galaxy'.  Even though Sheryl x Ranka was the least popular pairing, I was surprised at the amount of traffic on the fic.  Special thanks goes to folks who left reviews.  It's always nice to hear from readers.

Anyway, Macross Frontier has such an interesting background and quirky characters.  It's a shame that the series only had 25 episodes.  So I decided to continue the story with a combined Macross sci-fi plot and Yuri romance.  I've been asked to add more fluff, so I've changed the ratio from 70% plot/30% fluff to 60%/40%.

FG: Wings continues from the school arc in Track 5 of 'To the Ends of the Galaxy'.  If you don't want to read TEG, the ultra super duper short summary is: (highlight to see)

After many hardships, battles and teenage angst, Sheryl and Ranka resolved their feelings for each other and are dating.  They have resumed their studies at Mihoshi Academy with their friends.

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DISCLAIMER:  I don't own Macross Frontier or its characters.  No profit is made from writing this fanfic.  So please don't sue me.
Any resemblance of a character to a living or deceased person is purely coincidental.  This work resulted from my perverted imagination.

Frontier Generations: Wings
While the colonies of Frontier and Galaxy form the United States of Frontier, Sheryl still has to face her own battles: pilot boot camp.

Flight 101:  A New Era
Flight 102:  Family Ties
Flight 103:  It Came From Diablo Valley
Flight 104:  Turbulence Ahead
Flight 105:  Skull vs Fairy version - the difference between the above and the version is the absence of pictures.
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Chapter References
This is a list of episode references and research material that I used in the fic.   In the pic above, Sheryl is wearing a pilot's jacket with her abbreviated callsign.

Music References

[1] Macross Frontier Vocal Collection - Nyan Tama CD2, Lion
[2] Macross Frontier Vocal Collection - Nyan Tama CD1, My Boyfriend is a Pilot

Macross Frontier Music tops the charts!  See the red arrows above!
(And no, I didn't edit Ranka and Sheryl's hand positions.  That's how it is in the official art from the Macross Frontier VISUAL COLLECTION.)

Frontier Generations: Serenade

Ranka attends Mihoshi's boot camp to test her musical skills.  Little did she know, her relationship with Sheryl would also be tested.


Hi Everyone! I just want to thank all the readers out there. FFnet keeps some stats on visitors and one of them is the reader's country of origin. The largest group of readers is from the US and Canada. The next largest group is from Europe with a good number of visitors from France. Merci beaucoup! Among the Asian countries, there's quite a bit of readers from Japan. I'd like to give special thanks to the Japanese fans out there, especially the artists who've created hundreds of She/Ran fanart! Domo arigatou gozaimashita!

A lot of the scenes in my fic was inspired by fanart and I've included the art in the html version of this fic which is posted on my homepage. If you are the artist or if you know the artist, please let me know and I will credit the art. For the html version, please see my profile for the link and She/Ran fanart.

Frontier Generations chronicles the lives of the Macross Frontier cast as they try to make a life on the Vajra Homeworld.  It's written in a slice of life format which is why it has more detail and therefore longer.

FG: Wings is a companion story to this fic. Each fic can be read separately, but together, they make a more complete story.  FG: Wings is about Sheryl's pilot boot camp while this fic is about Ranka's music camp.  In a sense, it follows the Macross formula of a daredevil pilot and an enchanting singer.  There are other ways in which the two fics are related and I'll explain it when the last chapter is released.

Without further ado, may I present Frontier Generations: Serenade.

Mvmt I.  Da Capo
Mvmt II.  Affannoso
Mvmt III.  Erschütterung
Mvmt IV.  Vorwärts
Mvmt V.  A Due Cantabile

Music References
Mvmt IV: Robin's original composition - example of Robin's piece that she conducted
Mvmt V:  "What 'Bout My Star?" - Sheryl's dance was inspired by a youtube video of May'N. Use the keywords: Macross Frontier Sheryl Nome - May'n in Singapore (Anime Festival Asia '08)

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