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Dedicated to Sheryl and Ranka

To the Ends of the Galaxy
This fanfic is set after episode 25 of Macross Frontier.

Frontier Generations
This series follows the events from To the Ends of a Galaxy.  It is written in a slice of life style.

Author's Notes

After watching the last episode of Macross Frontier, I was a bit dissatisfied with the ending.  Alto didn't explicitly choose any of them, although it seemed there were more brownie points in the Sheryl x Alto bucket.  What irked me most was that he said "You are both my wings."  What an unromantic thing to say. 
And because I'm such a Robotech/Macross fan since I was a kid, I rewatched all of it again.  Then the Sheryl x Ranka pairing started to form.

This pairing became more obvious towards the end of the series.  There's more pictures of them holding hands or in compromising positions, especially with the last episode, "Your Sound".

This image is just too suggestive:
  1. They're nekkid
  2. Holding hands
  3. I heard from a japanese friend that when a couple is drawn back to back as shown above, it indicates an intimate relationship
Finally, take a closer look at the picture below.  Where are Ranka's lips?

So I concluded, "Ok, these two need a fic.  Hence, 'To the Ends of the Galaxy' was born.  Three chapters were originally planned, but stuff got added along and it ballooned to 5 chapters.  Gaahh...
Anyway, I hoped you enjoyed reading it.  Thanks for stopping by!

Onwards, together... leaving the past behind.


Forum - I created a forum on FFnet to talk about the pairing and the fics. 

Let's Study English Macross Style - This is from a special booklet in Newtype Magazine.

A collection of Sheryl x Ranka stuff!  \o/
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