The King and Her Queen

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Second Edition:  August 2007
First Edition:  November 2006
This fanfiction takes place after the anime.  If you haven't watched the anime yet, you're not missing much.  This fanfic relies more on the legend of King Arthur.  Please see the references below for more background.

For those who have read the first edition, a summary of differences between the first and second edition is listed after the table of contents.

About the Cover Art

The illustrator for the cover art is Ephemeral.   The cover art was originally used for Faith's Chinese fanfic  "Saving Dreams"  first published on May 24, 2006.  Faith's fanfic is stored on a chinese server, so you will need to configure your browser to display the chinese font if it's not configured. 
Ephemeral has graciously given permission to use the cover art.  Thank you very much!

Some chapters contain descriptions of nudity and bath scenes.  
Mature situations are described in Chapter 8 and later chapters.  The rating for these chapters is R.  Reader discretion is advised. 

DISCLAIMER:  I don't own Fate/Stay Night or any of the Fate/Stay Night characters mentioned in this fanfic.  No profit is made from writing this fanfic.  So please don't sue me.
Any resemblance of a character to a living or deceased person is purely coincidental.  This work resulted from my perverted imagination.

Special thanks to beta readers tensa, dtsx and TK-kun.   I appreciate all your help!  m(._.)m
newyoungjoo has kindly translated some chapters in Korean.

A link to the printable book version is listed below. 
  1. One Long Summer
  2. The Lady of the Lake
  3. The Awakening
  4. The Aerie of Light
  5. Tonight's Entertainment
  6. Maidenly Games
  7. Teacher
  8. Private Lessons
  9. On the Night of the Ball
  10. Sisters
  11. Falling Petals
  12. The Rose
  13. Sealed with a Kiss
  14. The Throne of Heroes
  15. Reunion
  16. Ties that Bind
  17. The Gift
  18. The Distant Utopia: 
Arturia's answer

Since there are a lot of spells used in the fanfic, the spells are described in the grimoire

The King and Her Queen, Korean Translation

Summary of Second Edition Changes
This is a list of the changes between the first and second edition.

Book Version

Printer friendly versions of the first and second edition.   Readers should read the second edition.  The first edition is provided for comparison only.
Except where indicated, these are PDF files.  If clicking on the link doesn't save the file, then right click on the link and select "Save Link Target As".

Second Edition:
Cover - 300 DPI jpeg file
Chapters 1-18

The Sketchbook

This is my shot at drawing comics.  Enjoy!


When the anime version of Fate/Stay Night came out, I was very excited.  Patiently, I prayed and chanted:  "Rin and Saber... Rin and Saber... Rin and Saber...".  Then I watched the mana transfer episode.

"That's it?!"

Needless to say, I was disappointed.  To add salt to my wounds, the anime ended so sadly for Saber. 

I was angry.

But I threw up my hands and took comfort in Strawberry Panic to ease my pain.  And then I saw Ephemeral's fan art.  Soon, two voices in my head demanded that I write a fanfic about them.  No was not an answer. 

So every night after I got home from work, I slaved away in front my PC, typing and typing until I got tired.  Five months later, I released the first set of chapters.

It's been a long ride, with ups and downs when the story got stuck and I couldn't write.  But overall, it was fun.  Will I do it again?  Let me rest first, and then I'll think about it.

Anyway, I hope that the readers enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed writing it.  Once again, I extend my thanks to everyone who's read my fanfic. 




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