I visit Porthcawl often as it's just down the road from my home. Porthcawl can also be reached from junction 37(see map). It has something to suit everyone.
Coney beach is the commercial part with the fairground,candy floss, amusement arcades, donkey rides on the beach,etc
Along the promenade away from Coney beach, it becomes quieter with a small
harbour, and a pier which is normally quite busy with fisherman.
Continuing along the promenade which has been improved considerably recently, you can take a rest for ice cream, or a cappucino from the one of the kiosks overlooking the sea.
About a mile in a Westerly direction (you'll need the car) turn left on to locks common and drive to Rest Bay, or park the car near the large white building in the middle of the photo above, and walk across the headland.
It is a large quiet beach popular with surfers (not the internet type) There is a dog ban on the beach April~Sept. There is a huge car park, (2:50 per day)with a shop and toilets about 100yds from the beach. 

Rest Bay,
On the right can be seen the old convalescent home for coal miners suffering from the effects of working down the mines

Merthyr Mawr

Ogmore -by-Sea




Llantwit Major


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A pleasant walk over the headland to Rest Bay
Coney Beach
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Pictured above is the M.V.Balmoral on one of her regular excursions from Porthcawl pier. She was built in 1949 is licensed to carry up to 800 passengers, and has heated lounge, dining saloon, and licensed bar. If you are interested contact

Photo by kind permission of David Thomas

A lovely  day for fishing off the pier
Not a lovely day for fishing
DOG OWNERS Between May ~ Sept inc Dogs are not allowed on the following beaches, Rest Bay, Town beach, Coney beach, and Trecco Bay. Dogs are allowed on Newton beach, Sker beach, anf Pink Bay. Owners are reminded they face a fixed penalty of 75 or if prosecuted a Max fine of 1,000. Guide dogs, and assistance dogs are permitted on all beaches throughout the year.
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