Manorbier has a sandy beach with plenty of rock pools for the kids, and some nice fish have been caught by anglers from the headland to the right of the photo.
Manorbier can be reached from the B4585 to the village and then signposted to the beach.
Overlooking the beach is
Manorbier castle a 12th century
castle which featured in the television adaptation of "The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe"
Close to the castle is a nice old inn with that serves meals. 
There is a pay and display car park conveniently situated between the castle and the beach with access for the disabled. Toilets are in the car park.
A nice day for the family visiting the castle and one of Wales's loveliest beaches.
Manorbier Castle overlooks the beach
Near Manorbier

Carew Castle

Freshwater East

Pembroke Castle

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