My Daughter Lisa on her Graduation Day
   Oxford  October 2002
My son Andrew, daughter Lisa, & daughter-in-law Karen
My name is Colin Gronow. I was born on the Graig, a district of Pontypridd, (recently featured in the BBCs television adaptation of Hearts of Gold by the authoress Catrin Collier, who incidentally read my account of my childhood memories! Pontypridd is a small town in the mining valleys of South Wales. Although a small town, Pontypridd is where the Welsh National Anthem "Hen Wlad Fy Nhadau" (Land of my Fathers) was composed.
It is also well known for it's stone "Old Bridge" built in 1756 that was once the longest single span bridge in the country, and also of course Pontypridd being the birthplace of singer Tom Jones!
I have a son and daughter, and now live with my wife Christine, near the sea in Bridgend 12miles to the west, although I am still a member of the
Pontypridd Male Choir.
I have written an account of my childhood in Pontypridd, so if you are interested
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My sister June
Brother Creighton & Sister-in Law Barbara
Chris and myself Yosemite National Park California 2003
I returned to my childhoods "haunts" recently, and my feelings are reflected in a poem written by another "Graig" boy" who I met again after many years. To read his poem
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A Little bit about me
Mum and Dad
Latest addition,Grandson Dylan, born 15th Dec 2004
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Wedding Day
Daughter Lisa, with husband Dominic
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