All Are Welcome!
"Well, you're welcome" -
Wisdom from the Holy Book of Wilson

Welcome to
The Holy Church of SMiLE

Hear the the Word:
"So that's what I'm doing. Spiritual music." -
Wisdom from the Holy Book of Wilson

Hark; I am overjoyed in religious rhapsody to bring tidings of great joy to those true believers of the SMiLE faith. As promised by our PSYCHEDELIC SAVIOR BRIAN, the SMiLE faithful shall be rewarded:

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The Holy Countdown!

The SMiLE Prayer!


About the Holy Church of SMiLE
The SMiLE Prayer
Holy Countdown to SMiLE
SMiLE cometh in 2004
'Sermon on the (Reddi)Whip'
Brian Wilson-Jesus Similarities
The Gospel According to SMiLE
How to Properly Worship SMiLE
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"The smile that you send out returns to you" -
Indian Wisdom

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