from the ..WEASEL WARD
A collection of poems, short stories , letters ,artwork and memories . Out there tales of mischief and mayhem from the ferrety world of weasels.
on a nite so long ago..
.when life was grey and blue
i gazed out at the sleet and rain
and sighed' what should i do?'
the world it seemed so cruel and wide
unyeilding and complex
i held my head in shaking hands and cryed
;what do i do next?;
when brody gently padded by
and with a little dance
he hopped up on my lap and stretched his paws upon my chest..
he kissed my nose and settled in
then gave me his advice
he said that life was easy but you never live life twice..
so when you feel the joy inside bubble to the top
just put on your finest clothes and
dance untill you stop.
and if you have a gloomy day
and need a bit of care
just hop in to your hammock and
your friends are waiting there ..
never skip a tasty treat
or napping in the sun
and never take too many baths
or you wash away the fun..
cause life it can be messy
but what a great suprise!
if you live each day in full
and at bedtime close your eyes
you wont have any baggage,sorrows or regrets
you'll take your troubles as they come
and toss aside the rest...
and so i stroked his fuzzy ears and said
my; brody you;re the man!;
if only fuzzies ruled the world and; devised the master plan
the world would be a wacky place
but all would live as one
and so i grinned the biggest grin
and we watched the rising sun.
My brody closed his eyes today
for the last time on this plane
i held him close and sent him on
to a finer place
the angels there will wait for him
and dance across the sky
and when i see a shooting star
i know; it's brody passing by....
I BIT MY TAIL, by Vincent the ferret.

i bit my own
tail today..
to see how it would feel..
I thought it would be really great..
but the pain it was unreal..
my tail it was just hanging out..
it follows me around..
I thought I'd play a game with it..
and chase it round and round..
but then my tail it chased me back..
I showed it who was boss..
but in the game of me and tail..
I guess I really lost..
Happy Arthur
big and fat
not really weasel
more pussycat.
Happy Arthur
soda head
storing raisens
under my bed
Happy Arthur
kisses and smacks
waddles to the treat bowl
to crunch up a snack.
Beautiful Arthur
serene and content
thinks he's my mom
and I am his pet.
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