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Q: Centrelink breached me for leaving a job Can I do anything about it?

A: Always. And how successful you are depends on a few things.
First you should Appeal the decision, since you are obviously not happy about it. This is your opportunity to give Centrelink the information you should have given them in the first place, and it's your right. Nobody leaves a job for nothing, but the question is, is your reason good enough? If your job was driving you crazy or causing you stress, then maybe you can find a Doctor who will give you a certificate saying you had to quit. That's quite an acceptable reason for leaving your job. If your boss was making you uncomfortable, then maybe you were experiencing sexual harassment. Also an acceptable reason, and one thats's difficult to prove. Maybe you had another job offer which fell through. If an employer will write a letter verifying that, it's fine. Just remember, when you complete a form at Centrelink, you are telling the story of why you should get paid, so make it good. If it's possible to verify the circumstances, then get something to back it up.

Q: How much can I earn? (or when is it NOT worth my while to work?)

A: Centrelink's standard answer to this is: 'As much as you can, then we work out how much your payment should be reduced.' Not much of an answer.

We've all heard the story of Doctors playing golf once or twice a week because it wasn't worth their while to work a full week. So we want to know the same thing, without seeming like bludgers. When is it worth my while to work?

Before I get some people all irate, I am not advocating welfare dependence. But I am encouraging people to be aware of what they are getting for each hour of extra effort, and I am urging Government to re-think their policy on how Social Security and Taxation Legislation clash for people in receipt of Government Payments. (write or email your Member of Parliament now)

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