All Advantage - With everyone joining a Pay to Surf program, why would you surf one minute without getting paid for it?

You may be on a payment from Centrelink,and paying to be on the Net. Get some back. Would $30 extra every 2 months help? All you have to do is surf the Web. Do more and you get more.


A.C.O.S.S. - The Australian Council of Social Services.

Welfare Rights S.A. - People who can help you in person.

Social Security Act - The Law Centrelink has to follow.


The Insider does not advocate any illegal courses of action. It only serves to highlight procedural and policy issues which cause apparent anomalies between amounts being paid by Centrelink. It is hoped that some information on this site will enable some individuals to financially improve their circumstances, and that other information will cause Government to change legislation. All information is beleived correct at the time of writing. If you are unsure of how any information on these pages effects you, please check with a Centrelink Call Centre (anonymously if you wish) or Customer Service Centre, before making any changes to your circumstances.

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