Here's my website dedicated to one of my favorite games.  I will always be updating it and making it better so keep checking back every now and then.

Gearhead Garage Forum Car_Guy

Last updated: 6/20/01

6/20/01-- Fixed all E-mail Links Joined Web-Ring  Added more cars to screen shots.

6/3/01 -- Major Update, Changed look of web page and added cars to screen shots, car maker page, lots of links, and I now have screen shots for all 3rd party cars.

5/13/01--Added new cars to screen shots

4/29/01--Added new cars to Screen Shots and re-worked the pages.

4/13/01--Changed page names in URL's and

added more screen shots

4/07/01--Added new screenshots.

4/05/01--Fixed Errors  and added links

4/04/01--First opened website

his is not the official GHG Page which

you can Visit HERE

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