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Candace’s Home Page

Amazon Lifeline home page
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About the Amazon Lifeline site and group
Frequently asked questions (FAQ)
Overview of information on the Amazon Lifeline site
Tips, tricks and insights for coping with chronic illness or disability
Archive of previous tips, tricks and insights
Point of view — short essays
Archive of previous point-of-view essays
Annotated list of recommended books
Quote of the week

Archive of previous inspirational quotations
Overview of links on the Amazon Lifeline site
Annotated list of lesbian health-related links
Annotated list of chronic illness-related links
List of online social groups for lesbians
List of online support groups for lesbians
List of disease-related organizations
List of selected LGBT sites on the Internet
Information about the Yahoo! group for Amazon Lifeline
Amazon Lifeline email list application form
Yahoo! Amazon Lifeline group page

Chronic Conversation home page
Yahoo! Chronic Conversation group page

Idiopathic Anaphylaxis Support home page
Glossary of terms for mast-cell-related diseases
Medications used in treating mast-cell-related diseases
Yahoo! Idiopathic Anaphylaxis group page

It's About Time — Northeastern Connecticut Women — home page
Yahoo! It's About Time — Northeastern Connecticut Women — group page

Lesbian Buddhist eSangha home page
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page
Links to Other Sites
Yahoo! Lesbian Buddhist eSangha group page
The Paula Rwomushana Memorial page
A Peacemaker Trip to Baghdad

Time Out — Central Massachusetts Women — home page
When Time Out meets
Where Time Out meets
Contact information
Yahoo! Time Out — Central Massachusetts Women — group page
New England-area women's groups
On-line and national women's groups
New England-area mixed-gender groups
New England-area LGBT media
Time Out site map

Windham County Buddhists home page
Yahoo! Windham County Buddhists group page

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