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12/16/2003 Maybe it's time to come out of the "chronic closet"

When I was first thinking about this site, I did a search of the Internet to see what I could find. I didn't find anything for lesbians with chronic illnesses. There were groups for lesbians who have cancer, and I did find two illness-specific discussion groups (one on MS and one on Lupus that has since been discontinued). Otherwise, there didn't seem to be much there.

Consider this: The local lesbian support/social group I used to belong to had seven members (out of about three dozen) who admitted to having chronic illnesses, which suggests that this is a fairly sizable subset of the lesbian community. And yet in a recent survey of lesbian-oriented personal ads, I couldn't find a single one in which the advertiser admitted to having a chronic illness.

Is there a Chronic Illness Closet within the Lesbian Nation? Maybe it's time for to come out!

What do you think?


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