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Ryan's First Picture 06/03/97
I wanted to create a web page to tell about my son who overcame a major birth defect.  My son Ryan was born on June 3, 1997.  He was born with a diaphragmatic hernia, a defect that was caused because a hole developed in the diaphragm causing his intestines to go up into his chest cavity.  The Major complication was that it caused his left lung to be restricted and could not deveop properly.  He has had a lot of breathing problems and at 2 months old he had to have a tracheotomy because of the extenede time he had to be on the ventilatior.  From day one the doctors and nurses said that he had very little chance of living.  At 2 days old he had to have major reconstructive surgery.  A patch was placed on his diaphragm and his intestines were put back into place.  From my son's first x-ray you could actually see his heart on the right side of his chest.  He went through the surgery very well and seemed to get better.  There were several days after that he had many set backs, but continued to recover and thrive.  He was hospitalized from birth for 6 1/2 months.  He came home on a ventilator and stomach feeding tube.  We had quite an adjustment to make when he came home, but through the prayers of family and friends we were able to make it through.  God showed us through our son that He is in total control of life and human doctors.  Doctors told us several times that Ryan would be brain damaged and would never walk, play or eat like a healthy boy.  He through the grace of God has defied the odds and is truly a living miracle!  He is now in the 4rd grade and is making great progress.  He is developmentally delayed and is in the special educaiton program now.  He has hopes of catching up on his academic skills and be put in a regular classroom in a few years.  It is amazing how the Lord can help you through tough situations and make them blessings.  I believe in the miracles of God, I have seen them first hand.  Ryan is truly a living miracle and one of the greatest blessings God has given us here on earth.  If you are a parent who is going through or has been through a similar situation I would like to hear from you.   I hope in some way to reach out to parents especially fathers who may need encouragement, strength, hope or who may need to just talk to someone who has been through  a situation like this.  Often times fathers are taught to be tough, but at times we need to have encouragement and strength from others.  As men we tend to want to fix problems and when a situaiton such as a sick child comes up and there is no physical way to fix the problem it causes us much stress and we need to find ways to deal with the situation.  I know it helped me to talk with other fathers that have been throught the same type of problem.  I found encouragement and strength.  It is amazing the great people that Lord has brought into our lives through our son.  May God Bless and uplift you!
Ryan's Fourth Grade Picture
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