Bankstone Broadway

Modern image model railway in a fictional London suburb

Bill boards help brighten up some of the more dull areas - every once in a while they are updated to keep in with the present day theme - they are simply printed from the internet onto thick card after being reduced

Graffiti is available from 'C-Rail Intermodal' in 'N' & '00' gauge. Without spraying adhesive on it, the "artwork" can be removed later. The graffiti, along with long grass and weeds help create these overgrown sidings

Other class 57s work Voyager substitute services 

LARGE buildings only seem to be available in American kit form, but once the water tank was removed from the roof, this building fitted in well on my british layout. If you have the room, (inc. height!) full sized skyscrapers are avail

These platforms are actually the old hornby plastic clip-together sections (underneath) but with a Metcalfe face lift

Signage like the London Underground maps below are simply scaled down versions straight from the internet

Street furniture such as the impressive bus stop, shelter, bench & on-street ticket machine below are all part of Creative Master Northcord Ltd.'s new range - highly recommended!

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