Bankstone Broadway

Modern image model railway in a fictional London suburb

A double-headed intermodal train rests at a signal alongside the allotments

Allotments are a common line-side feature and are a great way to fill in a vacant area on your layout - what ever the era modelled

Virgin 57, 57306, returns light engine to Euston for thunderbird duties

EWS 60 'Alexander Fleming' guides a heavy ballast working over the junction at Bankstone

A scruffy looking 66135 waits for clearance at a signal

A Southeastern EMU enters service after being attacked by graffiti "artists" the night before

FGBRf 66701 waits for a driver after being left blocking the points overnight

A resident 08 shunts NRM Oliver Cromwell ready for its return to the mainline

70013's crew prepair for departure

More intermodal traffic, this time powered by 66610

(Buildings are a mix of Metcalfe card kits, Skaledale, Screnescraft and plastic kits - many personalised by adding; bill boards, ivy, weeds, graffiti or various signs)

Road traffic (such as the Arriva bus and Merc. car below) help set the modern day theme of the layout. Metcalfe's high street shops can also be brought bang up to date by adding new signs such as Costa coffee

Morning rush hour looms as trains at Brompton Court prepare for their first duties. (This four platform terminus has since been removed due to its close proximity to Bankstone Broadway station, and to make room for a small TMD).

First Great Western's Neon lines livery has been captured by Bachmann, (on a class 166 Thames Turbo DMU)

Some of the brighter colours found on buses have also been captured, this articulated bus by CMNL wears an all-over advert for 'University of East London'

Dapol's new 'Spine Wagons' will shortly be introduced for Freightliner & FGBRf container trains, and will run alongside Bachmann's current (more EWS suited) intermodal wagons, (pictured below)

A private hire charter arrives at platform 2 consisting of Virgin and Intercity MkIIs.

Bachmann's new track workers study a disused section of line

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