Bankstone Broadway

Modern image model railway in a fictional London suburb


Bankstone Broadway is a Modern Image model railway set in a fictional suburb in London.

The layout is modelled in '00' gauge and is a permanent structure is my loft. The overall size measures around 15ft by 9ft and varies in width from 4ft down to 2ft, (and on one side of the room it narrows to 1ft, as it passes over a shelf on a book case).

It features a station, fuel point, light servicing depot and train wash.

CONTROL:                                                                                                                                             Currently the layout, in its unfinished state, is operated in the old/traditional DC way. I do however have a GAUGEMASTER PRODIGY ADVANCE2 DCC unit and some DCC equiped / DCC sound locos. In time the layout will be fully converted to DCC and linked to a P.C.


The majority of stock used is kept fairly up-to-date.

PASSENGER trains include; South West Trains 159s, a Southern 171, a First Great Western 166, Southeastern 466s, a Chiltern 168, a MkI charter rake, a MkII/III charter rake, and the Royal Train. These will also be joined in the future by a Hornby FGW(neon) HST set, Hornby Southeastern Hitachi 395 EMU, Bachmann (for Modelzone) Southern 170 DMU and Bachmann 411 EMU (for those Heritage outings) plus any others that catch my eye :-p

FREIGHT trains consist of Intermodal/container traffic, engineers/ballast workings, box vans/cargo wagons and a few mixed freights. 

TRACTION, the usual present day stock. Such as 08s 31s 37s 57s 66s 67s 73s 86s 92s. (No 20s or 47s yet). 

EXCURSIONS are operated with Merchant Navy class 'Clan Line', NRM's 7MT 'Oliver Cromwell' and NRM's A3 'Flying Scotsman' plus various diesels, usually with a MkI rake. The MkII/III rake is used for the likes of 'Football specials' and as 'substitue' or 'relief' services. 


Come back from time to time to check out updates and please don't hesitate to contact me via the 'Contact Me' link.

Also, if you have a site for your model railway, leave me your address and I'll add it to my Links page - return please add my site to yours ;-)  Cheers.

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